Advice For 7th Graders

Hey guys. Want some advice for 7th grade so that you aren’t that one loser that doesn’t know anything? Well if you do then read on…..

First off for everyone who is reading this, DON’T do homework during Wildcat Time. It just ends up making the rest of your day a bum. Do have friends. If you don’t have friends you’ll be know as a loner, and trust me, no one likes a loner. Don’t do stupid stuff ’cause you’ll probably just end up getting in trouble. If you’re smart then act good around teachers. You don’t want them all thinking you’re some troublemaker.

Anyway, those are a few rules you should follow during 7th grade.

*Mic Drop*

The Task

My seventh grade year has been a long and adventurous one so far. However I do recall one memory in which my athletics coach called me to an adventure. The adventure was very daring and difficult, nevertheless I executed it with pride and precision.

He gave me the task of doing the mighty “Twelve Minute Run.” I can’t exactly say it was easy but as I said before, it was done.

I ran for twelve minutes straight. No more, no less. I ran like the wind of a hurricane. I ran like Usain Bolt in the two-hundred meter dash…

And that’s when I finished. The sound of a whistle filled the sky. I collapsed upon the ground in pain. I felt as if I was entering cardiovascular arrest.

I had done it…


Terrible But Great

He was a great man…terrible…oh yes, but great, said the old yew wand lying upon the small desk in the corner; a lonely man too, said the friendless linger in the cold, musty, dark air; Yet a smart man, said the old spell book, lying spread-eagle on ground; but not a kind man, echoed the mirthless laughter.

He was a handsome man, said the green tie strewn across the flickering lamp; he had many abilities, said the long green snake, slithering slowly towards the cackling fire; he was very greedy, cried the many stolen treasures scattered on the wardrobe floor; but he wasn’t a forgiving man, said the portrait of a small squat man, lazily hung upon the wall…..

Inspired by “Abandoned Farmhouse” by Ted Kooser

Messy Room

Messy Room

– Shel Silverstein

Whosever room this is should be ashamed!
His underwear is hanging on the lamp.
His raincoat is there in the overstuffed chair,
And the chair is becoming quite mucky and damp.
His workbook is wedged in the window,
His sweater’s been thrown on the floor.
His scarf and one ski are beneath the TV,
And his pants have been carelessly hung on the door.
His books are all jammed in the closet,
His vest has been left in the hall.
A lizard named Ed is asleep in his bed,
And his smelly old sock has been stuck to the wall.
Whosever room this is should be ashamed!
Donald or Robert or Willie or–
Huh? You say it’s mine? Oh, dear,
I knew it looked familiar!
I love this poem because I can relate so well to it! My mom is always telling me to clean up my room. There is always piles of clothes in a corner, books lying about, and stuff under my bed. I also love the humor that this particular poem holds!

Austin Texas

Bored? Come to Austin! There is so much to do and see at this wonderful place. Here are three places to visit before you die!



Zilker Park is an amazing place to visit. There is kayaking, hiking and biking trails, and Barton Springs among so much more! Zilker Park is a great way to spend your day.

Cherry Blossoms (Yoshino, Somei-Yoshino) : ソメイヨシノ(染井吉野) Toshihiro Gamo via Compfight


Another great place to visit is ACL! If you love loud and awesome music, then ACL is the place for you! ACL is a music festival held in Austin. Many people every year visit and have the time of their life.

DSC_0958 Michael Fienen via Compfight


The capitol building of Texas is an astonishing place that will fill your mind with Texas’s great history. There is much to see and learn at this great place.

Texas State Capital Building Geoff Livingston via Compfight

The Boy and the Bear

There once was a boy at the age of thirteen. His name was simply John. John was walking through a forest and came across a bear. This bear appeared very normal at first. But that was until it stood up on it’s two hind legs and cried out to John saying, ” Help me John! For there is a thorn in my left paw!”

John answered back, ” You want me, a thirteen year old boy, to help you, a mighty bear?”

The bear then replied, ” John, please! I must have help or I’ll bleed to death!”

” But what if you eat me?” answered the boy.

“Eat you? Why would I do such a thing?” said the bear. John calmly walked over to the bear, bent over, and plucked the thorn from the bear’s left paw. But you see, John wasn’t a very smart boy, for the bear pounced upon him, killing him and that is why you shouldn’t mess with bears.

My Life As a Professional Soccer Player

I walked out onto the pitch. The morning sun glared against the baby blue sky. I had just arrived to the first training session of my career. The soft green grass under my feet was pleasant.

I took a ball and began with juggling. After juggling for awhile I put the ball up and went to go run suicides. By then I was pretty tired. I walked over to a table and grabbed an apple.

I then joined the rest of the team for a game of “possession” and we immediately started passing the ball back and forth, back and forth.

Later we scrimmaged some followed by a couple of drills. I thought to my self. Man, being a soccer player is hard! I finished the day with a couple shots at goal, then drove home.

How Golf Came To Be

The setting sun was slowly sinking beyond the pink horizon. In the distance was the uncivilized goblin army, waiting impatiently and hungrily for blood.

Bullroarer Took sat on his horse, looking down from the hill, preparing himself. Then there it was, the mighty blast of a goblin horn. The noise filled the wide field, piercing the ears of everyone.

He charged.

The two armies kicked up so much dust, that either side was hardly visible. Then suddenly came the loud clash of swords, knives, and clubs. Bullroarer rode on with such force, swinging blindly at the goblins around him. He was then knocked from his horse, and he fell to the ground.

He got up, turned around, and found himself face to face with a very ugly goblin. The horrid creature screeched and swung at him. Bullroarer however, dodged the swing easily. He took his club and knocked the head of the ugly monster clean off.

The head flew straight through the air and landed promptly in a rabbit hole.

Now can you believe that? Bullroarer had such precision and accuracy that he actually managed a task such as that. And therefore, believe it or not, the game of golf was invented.

The Phantom’s Lair

Cold, gray steps lead down, down to the very pit of the opera house. The barren, yet sophisticated room is dark, filled with shadows. In the dim light a large, polished table is topped with candles, dripping with yellow wax. Mice run to and fro in the far corner, squeaking with delight.

Further into the room, a large, crimson throne stood seven feet tall. On the throne, lay a pale, white mask stained with tears of pain and sorrow.

Scattered around the throne are several nooses, tipped with blood the color of red paint. In the midst of the mess is a silver top hat followed by a dark cape.

Suddenly a rope has caught you around the neck, and you hang lifeless in the air.

The Empty Forest

I was dead. At least I was almost dead. My body just laid there, doing nothing, nothing at all. The chilly breeze whipped through the torn rags I wore. I couldn’t bear it any longer….

I had been stuck in this wretched forest for almost fourteen years now, since I was born. It seemed there was no way out. You would just walk in circles forever until your a starving person like me.

I was dropped off here as an infant by who knows what, or better yet, who knows who. I’ve seen passing people, who’ve been starved so much, they couldn’t speak. There have also been lurking skeletons around here….

Oh, wait. I don’t think I’ve mentioned my name yet.

The name’s Jack Frost.