Why I Like Basketball

 I like basketball because it is an entertaining sport that requires strength and ability in every part of the body. It is also cool because it has a lot of culture mixed into it. A large part of basketball is about shoes. Nike, Adidas, and under armor mostly focus on basketball shoes for there sales because of sponsorships with famous basketball players. This is why basketball is my favorite sport.

Photo by Fabio Jock on Unsplash

Drum Rudiments

This video is a helpful tool for beginning drummers who need help getting better. This video is about a specific drum rudiment called a paradiddle. A drum rudiment is a small patern of drumming that is the foundation to more complex drumming. I picked this video because it shows you what I think is the most important drum rudiment, the paradiddle. A paradiddle is a pattern that will help the drummer form more speed, and they will be able to play along with music better.

chek out the Drumeo for drum lessons and skill improvement.

My (Current) Top 2 Favorite Running Shoes

This is a list of my current top 2 favorite running shoes in no particular order.

1. The Brooks Levitate 2 is a new running shoe by Brooks that features their new cushion DNA AMP and their popular fit knit upper. This shoe has an 8mm drop wich means that the midsole will drop 8mm per stride and it has pretty good support. This shoe was meant to energize the runner by giving amazing energy return. I must say myself that this shoe makes you feel like you are walking on air and running on springs. The main difference between this and the Levitate 1 is that it features a fit knit ankle sock, which I find makes a better fit for your ankle. All together this shoe is for an active experienced runner who wants to have fun while running.

2. The Saucony Freedom ISO 2 is one of the many shoes in which Saucony has utilized its Everun technology. Saucony knocked it out of the park with its new light, durable, and supporting cushion Everun. This shoe also uses its new ISO KNIT upper which gives a nice breathable sock-like ride. Unfortunately this shoe has… pretty bad support, it will make your ankle hurt, but it will get better over time. This shoe also has a 4mm drop and a crazy light ride. The Freedom ISO 2 is an incredible shoe that feels like you are wearing nothing on your foot—this shoe weighs 9.1oz!. If you are looking for an all around great reliable running shoe, this is it.

Check out Saucony and Brooks for incredible running shoes.