Advice for Next Year’s 7th Graders

I know how it feels to go into the next school year, but I have to tell you 6th graiders that 7th grare is not difficult.

If you are worried about your core classes, well don’t be. I promise you that science and english in 7th grade are much easier. However there is a chance have that Texas History would be harder for you if you get a bad teacher. Math just depends on your level, but to me math is always easy.

If you are going to do a language I will tell you that Latin will have a lot of homework, but easy homework. And if you do what you’re supposed to, then your Latin year will be easy. I will also tell you the Latin teacher is awesome. For other languages I don’t know, so ask other people for those.

If you are planning to do Health and a Speech in 8th grade and you are not wavering, I recommend you to do all your athletics or gym in 7th grade because a language and music class will have to take the other two elective spots. If you are wavering or not doing a language or music class, then do a fun elective like robotics.

I hope all you almost 7th graders luck, even though you really don’t need it. I do recommend worrying over 8th grade though, because I was told it’s a lot harder.

Growing Up

We all started as that little bulb out of the ground,

But we learnt what to do and we got out.

We all turn smarter, stronger, taller,

However some just remain the weaker.


We grow up in layers leaving the old ones inside,

The young ages are under your hide.

But sometimes you recall your past life,

Then that old layer gets shown by a cutting knife.


Many don’t know where to go to which door,

Just go inside to your inner core.

“What am I, and what can I do?”

The answer we think might not be true.


Some grow up to be mature and strong,

While others remain what mature ones call wrong.

But nothing is wrong as long as you think it’s not,

So do what you love and seek what you sought.

Super Mario 3D World Review

Super Mario 3D World is a game for the Wii U. It’s overworld is the Sprixie Kingdom, where Bowser has captured all of the Sprixie Princess Fairies.

You can play as Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, Toad and even Rosalina after you beat World Star-2. Mario is all-around, Luigi jumps higher, Peach is slow, but can hover in mid-air for a short time, Toad can run the fastest, and Rosalina is the slowest character next to Peach, but can do a spin attack that is a reference to Super Mario Galaxy.

The game is very long in general, having to find all green stars, stamps, and getting every golden flagpole will unlock the final world. And if you want the 5 character stamps, you have to beat every level with every single character. It takes time, but beating every level twice with 3 different characters makes it easy. The game has 13 worlds, all with amazingly looking graphics and the game is very enjoyable. Not only that, but the final level of the game, World Crown-Crown, is considered one of the hardest canon Mario levels ever created.

So basically Super Mario 3D World is a game you should check out if you can. I wish you luck if you’re going for complete 100%, because it is going to be long and hard.

A Walk on a Midnight Beach

The moon at the tippity-top,

Not a sound of a water drop.

The edge of darkness,

A never ending abyss.


The sand not moving an inch,

Small crabs aren’t out to pinch.

Salt flies into your nose

That’s how the beach goes.


The water is chilling cold,

And we’ll wait for the sun that’s gold.

Then after all of that,

The loud noise will all be back.

EvokeCreative Commons License Phil Dolby via Compfight

I wrote this poem because I like poems that have to do with peace, tranquility and silence. I never really been out at the beach at midnight, but I can imagine what it would be like. I one day will feel the coolness of the night with the wonder of the sea.

Three Great Places to Visit in Texas

There are many great places to visit in Texas, and if you’re coming to visit, you should definately come by some of these places. You won’t regret it.

  1. The Alamo

This is considered one of the most important battles in the Texas Revolution. Back then, the Alamo was a mission and was the last line of defense against Santa Anna and Mexico. The Texans lost, but the fort is still standing and will always be  a historical monument for all.

The Alamo Lane B via Compfight

2. Fiesta Texas (Six Flags)

This place is extremely exciting, really vast, and fun for the whole family. With tons of really huge, long, and fast rollercoasters, this place never gets old. And the water park opens in the summer which makes the heat tolerable. This place will always be a blast for everyone.

WP_20150425_035 Antonio TwizShiz Edward via Compfight

3. Zilker Park

Zilker Park is considered Austin’s most loved park with events happening like the Kite Festival, ACL, and the Festival of Lights. The place will always be a fun time for everyone and the place will always be a magical place.

Març_0221 Joan via Compfight





Why You Should Not Play with a Wii Remote

Yes, Yes,  YES!! I’m going to finally beat this really hard lev… NO!!!! NO!!! NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! I JUST DIED BECAUSE I ACCIDENTLY SHOOK! WHYYYY!!!! I then threw my Wii Remote out of the window. Why are Wii Remotes so hard to use?!

First off, the motion controls are very sensitive and hard to control. There were sometimes in New Super Mario Bros. Wii and Super Mario Galaxy where I died because I accidently shook my controller. Especially in Galaxy are there bad motion controls. Swimming, skating, even jumping is hard. So basically I’m saying, the motion controls suck.

Next, there are not enough buttons, and it uses a D-Pad instead of an analog stick or circle pad. It’s mostly in Wii U games that this is a problem. If you play Super Mario 3D World with a Wii Remote, dashing and picking something up are the same button. You sometimes pick mean to dash, but you accidently pick someone up and kill them by accident. Also the D-Pad is hard to use in a 3D World, and it also really HURTS!! I have gotten thumb sores from just playing with it for a few minutes. The buttons and D-Pad are terrible.

Ultimately, it’s better to play with out the Wii Remote. However I do have to say that the Wii Remote is best in games like Pikmin because it’s easier to aim and none of the problems I listed were relevant. But I have to say, the Wii Remote is unrecommended most of the time.

My Life’s Blueprint

I don’t know what my life’s blueprint is. Simple as that.

First of all, I always hear my parents, especially my father, telling me to study health and become a doctor. I know that that would be a great job to have, but I don’t think I could be that good to become one. I also seem to not want to become one.

Secondly, I have talents. I’m good at math, music, animating, and gaming, but I don’t know if any of these talents will make me successful. They might be, but I’m just not sure that I can be successful.

And finally, I’m scared that I’ll be unsuccessful.  I am honestly a very non-social person. I always am sacred that I’ll be judged or criticized over who I am and what I know. Some of the stuff I talk about to people are stuff that I don’t know, or I’m nervous to elaborate about.

So in the end, I still don’t know my life’s blueprint. I  hope that eventually, I’ll find out what it is.

Math Challenges

Today I’m going to give you some problems that will test your knowledge in math.


  1. 1+3+5+7+9+…….+99


2. What would be the length of the shortest route to get from a corner to the opposite corner of a 2 by 2 by 2 cube?


3. Simplify

x^4 – 16


4. Disprove that 2=1 in this explanation

If a=b







5. What’s 0/0?


So how did you think you did on these math problems? If you think you know the correct answer, then comment down below.

I have seen most of these problems on MTY Academy math homework as challenge problems. I always tried them and usually thought of a way to get to the solution. Tell me, are these problems too easy, or too hard for you?

Top Ten Mario Powerups

Today I’m making a Top Ten of the best Mario powerups. It will count every canon item in every canon Mario game.

10. Tanuki Suit (Statue Transformation) from Super Mario Bros. 3, Super Mario 3D Land: In Super Mario Bros. 3, if you get enough speed, you can fly up in the air. In 3D Land, that ability was removed, but you still had the distinct move of turning into a statue. The statue is invincible to anything that comes its way. It can’t stay like that forever, and you can’t move during statue transformation.

9. Cape Feather from Super Mario World: If you get enough speed with this powerup, you can start flying, but it’s better than that. You can start bobbing up and down with the cape feather, and you can beat the whole level by just flying in the air like that. You can do a lot of speed run tactics with this one item.

8. Ice Flower from New Super Mario Bros. Wii, Mario U, Luigi U: With this powerup, you can shoot ice balls out of your hands. I think this is better than the fire flower because there are some enemies, like dry bones, that fire can’t kill. With ice, however, you can freeze the enemies and you can use them as platforms, or you could throw it at a wall to kill them.

7. Propeller Suit from New Super Mario Bros. Wii, Mario U, Luigi U: The name is pretty self explanatory. It’s a powerup that lets you propel up into the air. It’s honestly the best powerup to save yourself from falling into a pit. It also can slow your descent, so you can also save yourself like that also.

6. Cat Bell (Statue Transformation) from Super Mario 3D World: The idea of a cat suit is a pretty cool idea. You can press dash to do a scratch move that could kill many types of enemies. You can also climb walls for a little amount of time. But there’s the Statue version where if you ground pound, you can gain coins throughout the time you ground pound, and the statue is invincible so it’s pretty good.

5. Mega Mushroom from New Super Mario Bros. DS, 2, and Super Mario 3D World: When you get this huge mushroom, you turn giant and you can destroy anything in your path! You can also use this item in Mario Kart Wii to smash other players! In New Super Mario Bros. DS and 2, you move really fast, however in Super Mario 3D World, you move really slow. It doesn’t last forever though, otherwise that would be ultimately cheap. It’s still a very good powerup none the less.

4. Invincibility Star from almost every Mario game: Once you get this powerup, prepare to see rainbows. You get a lot of speed, and the best part is that you can’t die, unless  you fall into poison, lava, or a pit. It does last a limited amount of time, but the number of stuff you can do in just that limited amount of time is still a lot.

3. Penguin Suit from New Super Mario Bros. Wii and U and Luigi U: This powerup is very good. It’s a combination of the Ice Flower, Frog Suit and the Blue Turtle Shell. You can shoot ice balls, swim very easily, and if you get enough speed and crouch, you can slide on ice and water and can drill through blocks. It might be the best powerup, but since it’s a combination of 3, it’s sort of unoriginal.

2. P-Wing from New Super Mario Bros. 3: This is a rare item. When you use it, you turn into super leaf Mario, but you have unlimited flying. You can just fly through the entire level if you wanted to. And in Super Mario Bros. 3, there were no collectables, so you can’t go wrong with it.

  1. P- Acorn from New Super Mario Bros. U and Luigi U: It’s the same idea as the P- Wing, but I think it’s better because you can glide and you don’t go too high in the game. It also looks really cool; there is a P on it and it is really shiny looking. Also there are levels like the Red-Hot Elevator and Run For It that are really fast and easy if you use the P-Acorn. And it’s not that hard to get. All you have to do is catch Nabbit, and you have to catch him 7 times anyway if you want 100%, so it’s really easy.

So that’s my Top 10 Best Mario Powerups. What do you think is the best powerup?