Greenly Fenrir

         As I walked to my ever knowing doom, I heard the massive beast Fenrir break another chain he roared out in his cave,

        “Another easily broken chain, you can never hold me Odin!”

As I fell from the rock I was peering over, I wondered why me, the son of Thor, was being sent off to fight a monster bigger than the 9 realms. As I entered the cave, Fenrir was digging, his paws the size of a lake, ripping, and tearing the cave ground to shreds. I entered the cave and called out to him,

         “It is me, the god of strategy and all intelligence, here to murder you and make sure you harm no more.”

          He looked up from his straining task, he roared back to me,

         “Puny god, not even Thor himself could lay a finger on me, you’ll be dead in seconds.”

         I looked up at him, pulling out a silver chain, crafted by the dwarves, I through the chain around his neck and I pulled as hard as any god had pulled before.  He screeched in pain, but kept digging, the harder I pulled, the faster he digged. I couldn’t figure out what he was doing until I saw the lava start spewing out of the crust of Asgard. He was unleashing all of Valhalla into the over world. He knew he could stand much more of my chain, so he dove into Valhalla. He was taking me and him down into the underworld. I spent several hours on his back while he ran, pulling, and ripping until he finally gave up and dove upward, landing in a deserted fen back on Asgard. He stood for one more second and then collapsed. When he was on the ground, I grabbed the chain and pulled more viciously than before, After another grueling day and a half, I ripped his head clean off. I cried out in joy as I had just killed the menace of dreams. I then sent a letter to my servant, Unferth. Explaining what had just happened and I told him to tell my father so he want be ashamed of me anymore.



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