Playing French Horn

As most of you know (or at least my friends), I play the unknown instrument: the French Horn. Some of you may be wondering “what’s a French Horn?”  and to that I respond, with a scoff. Just kidding, when I first heard “French Horn” I thought “what in the actual world is that thing.”  Later on, I learned more about instruments which brought me here today.

For those of you who do not know, I’m in Symphonic band, first chair French Horn. The French Horn rarely ever gets the melody so when we do, I feel pretty good about myself. Only one of our songs do we have the melody for the whole song. Yet in said song, we rest for a combined amount of, oh, 48 measures. Yeah. Pretty boring. It isn’t boring that much though. Whenever the full band is playing, I can just  feel a smile tug on my mouth (which is pretty inconvenient when playing a brass instrument where you have to buzz).

All in all, I love band and will probably be doing it through high school an onward.

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