My Poem About Deep Stuff

For our blog post this week, we get to choose if we can just publish our poems so here we go:


Authors Note
For my Poem, I decided to write about art. The reason being is that art relates strongly to life. There really is not much of a reason behind this. It doesn’t relate to my life specifically at all. This poem is about the general reason of how these two topics relate (art and life in case you have forgotten). The way I would put it is that this poem is just one, gigantic metaphor. I hope you enjoy.

(I really just found a white background, stared at it for a good solid 10 minutes, and thought “I should write about art and how it relates to life” and now I’m here).




I watch…
I watch as the brush lightly glides,
over the canvas
The canvas of creation
The canvas of nothing
Oh, but there is something
The paint being stroked
My story,
My life

I watch as the paint branches out
It’s color engulfing the canvas
Then it stops,
It stops
I realize, I must continue my life
For the paint to continue
My story,
My life

Your story,
Your life
Must continue,
For the paint to continue


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