Ok everyone, now watch as I hop on to the band wagon and talk about Christmas.        I think we can all safely assume that Christmas is up on our top ten holidays list (unless, of course, you don’t celebrate Christmas. In that case, this whole post might be a bore to you). The LED lights strung up, The a-little-too-large Christmas tree in your living room, and of course, the presents!                                                                                              

Now our family isn’t one of those families who, right after thanksgiving, immediately go to get the trees and put up the lights and all that stuff, but when Christmas hits our home, it hits HARD. I’m talking lights strung up on our house, a whole Christmas scene outside in our yard, and a whole lot of Christmas quotes. There’s one thing I still don’t get though. About a year ago, when getting our Christmas tree, my mother noticed a cool sparkling Cinderella carriage and decided to buy it. Now the thing I don’t get is: How does Cinderella relate to Christmas. If you do know, find me in the halls and tell me. Then slap me.

Feliz Christma-hanna-kwanzaa

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