Why Characters in Horror Movies are Idiots

Alright. Let’s say you’re taking a hike in the woods at night (which is already a pretty dumb move by itself), and you come across a small shack. Suddenly, you hear a loud creak. Now, I’m already halfway home and I’m sure you are too, but of course if you’re in a movie you just HAVE to investigate. No. Just… go home.

Why do movie characters just do this? Why? Like, I know it’s supposed to be the prompt to start off the movie (or else the movie would be a lot shorter), but can’t the directors give a better reason to investigate besides “curiosity”. Half of the movies in the horror movie franchise are usually prompted by “Oh no! So and so just died mysteriously! We better investigate!” No. Just prepare a funeral and move on. Even then. If so and so didn’t decide to take a hike in the woods at night, he/she would’ve been just fine.

Well that was my rant(not a very good one since I don’t watch a lot of horror movies). Tell me what you think.


One thought on “Why Characters in Horror Movies are Idiots

  1. I definitely agree there all dumb. For example you heard something in the basement you should call the cops not go down your self and do none of the house have basement lights. Oh and if you ever find yourself in a horror movie still situation don’t kiss in the Car in the middle of the woods.

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