Well, I have nothing else to write about soooo… Easter!  This Easter we went to church at the 11:00 service and after that are some Easter candy we got. Then a few hours pass and we go have a picnic at Boulder Trail Park with my grandma and my aunt to celebrate my grandmas birthday. We had honey ham, fruits, and chicken. I wanted to bring the dog so she came too. There were a lot of snacks and drinks for everybody plus there were shady (in a good ways) places to hang out and cool off.

We had a lot of fun and the temperature was perfect to go outside and  play. My brothers threw the football around, I played with the dog, and my sister just walked around.

After the picnic, we all went back home and had a really cool cake for my grandmas birthday. The cake was separated into four quadrants, each with its own flavor. There was carrot cake, red velvet cake, caramel cake, and chocolate cake. I love cake. Cake is great.

Well that’s my Easter. I hope you guys had an amazing holiday! Goodbye!

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