Camping and Boy Scouts

As many of you know, I am a boy ( I mean, I hope you know), and with being a boy, I am in Boy Scouts. This means that we go on camp outs and stuff of that sort. Now, I’ve only gone on three camp outs so far but they’ve been pretty good ones.

The first camp out that I went to was at this place called Westlake beach (there was no beach it was just on the shores of Lake Austin) that was owned by a really nice man named Stanley Depwe. On the first morning we had breakfast that was prepared by us. Our Patrol brought pancake mix to use and bacon to eat. The pancakes turned out really good and so did the bacon, but the bacon left a bunch of grease that we had to soak up with paper towels.

Then we had lunch. Our lunch consisted of grilled cheeses and veggie sticks. The grilled cheeses were exceptional but everyone was chowing down on those veggie sticks.

Next came our service project. A service project is something you do to help the people who let you camp on their property. Half the troop de-weeded a patch of garden while to other half cleaned the canoes and kayaks. Once that was all done we could have some fun. There were all sorts of water activities we could do like swimming, fishing, canoeing and kayaking. I started off with canoeing in my dad’s canoe with my friend Charlie. We rowed all the way out into the middle of Lake Austin then we came back and swam for a bit. I brought a fishing pole with me and I started to fish. I didn’t catch anything but that’s besides the point. After water activities were done, it was time for dinner.

Our patrol had hot dogs with chips (almost everyone brought hotdogs) and once we finished it was lights out. Even though lights out would start at like 10:00, we all went to bed at 11:00.

The next day was extremely rainy and everyone rushed under a pavilion near the tents. Once everything cleared up, we finally disassembled all of our tents, put them in our bag, and headed on our merry way.

My next camp out I went to was near downtown Austin. It was called an “Urban Campout” so it was different than the usual camp outs. The first day we had pancakes and bacon for breakfast (kind of a common breakfast). The pancakes turned out mediocre and the bacon was good. Not much to say about this. Between breakfast and lunch, we had a few things to do like go to a coffee shop nearby and learn about the history of coffee beans, or walk around town, or play baseball. For lunch we had regular grilled cheeses with veggie sticks (do you see a common occurrence here?). Not much to say about this either.

Now, here’s a twist. This Urban Campout was to teach Scouts how to navigate throughout a city and spend money wisely. The Scoutmasters would give us ten dollars and we’d go off with two adults, bring gps, and find a good place to eat. So, me and two other Scouts from our patrol decided on eating at this place called Spartan Pizza. I used my phone for a gps and mapped the route to the restaraunt. Doing this got me a requirement signed off for second class so that’s good.

My third and most recent campout I went to was this ranch where we would horseback ride. I thought that was a pretty good deal to me so I signed up. On the first day, the owners made us breakfast which was really nice of them, and we paid back the good deed by cutting down most of their brush and small trees and loading them onto a truck. Our Scoutmaster admitted that it was the hardest service project he has ever done. Once that was finished we had lunch. I forgot what we had for lunch but let’s just go with grilled cheeses (to keep the ongoing occourance).

The sky was a bit grey, forecast said it would rain, and we heard thunder so the owners said we couldn’t go riding the horses because they were too afraid, but they did offer an alternative. They said that down the way there was a mud pit that we could go and jump around in, so we all went down there. It wasn’t the best alternative but we still had fun. Once that was over with, we all got hosed off and we hit the showers.

For dinner, one of the Scouts in our patrol insisted the he bring a steak to cook for us. We reluctantly agreed, thinking it would be a disaster. The steak turned out really well. But oh I just had to go and ruin it by dipping the steak in ketchup.

Those were all my camp outs so far. The next one that I know I’m going to is one in Washington, but that’s not until July sooo… yeah. I’m gonna have to wait quite a bit.


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