Life is like fishing, you never know what you will get. We were driving out to the pond for a fishing trip. It was scorching outside, the AC wasn’t working and the road/dirt path we were driving on was covered in holes. When we got out of the car, the summer sun and the rancid smell of fish slapped us across our faces. My dad got out the fishing poles, and we walked down to the dock. We set up the lures and bait and started casting our lines. Everywhere around us, people were dragging in fish after fish. Every time someone pulled in a fish, I knew it was one less for us. Why were all the fish avoiding us? Minutes became hours. Time was slipping away, but I wasn’t leaving without a fish.

            My dad decided to let us reel in the next fish he caught. In no time, he handed my brother and me the rod and told us to check what was on the line. At first, we couldn’t pull the line free of whatever was on the end. Everybody thought it was snagged, but after a couple of seconds, we sensed a change in whatever was on the end of our line. We jerked back the pole to make sure that there was something on the end and started the fight. I was trying to reel in a fish the size of a truck. People were gathering around us like moths to a flame. I would pull the rod back and my brother would reel it in as the rod lowered, the perfect machine. The tip of the rod was in sync with the head shakes of the fish. At that moment, time seemed to slow down. Everything around us blurred to a stop and there was nothing but us with the fish.

          CRACK! The rod snapped. Why now, when the fight was almost over? Luckily, a person standing next to the rod managed to snatch it before it fell into the water. In the confusion, the line slacked and the fish set off on a run like its tail was on fire. We lost almost an hour of work in those crucial seconds. After what seemed like forever, we finally managed to see the fish; a blob of silver against the murky cold water around it. We pulled it up and saw something strange. When we set the hook, the lure somehow managed to catch the fish by the tail. If we had let it run a little longer, it may have been able to rip its tail free of the hook.

             After this incident, every time I would think of whining about how long a line was, or how boring an activity is, I would think about this moment. Most times, the best experiences in life take patience but pay off in more ways than you might imagine.


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