Chocolate Milk Letter

Dear Mrs. Phelps (my principal),

My name is Joseph Zhang. You came to our classroom to explain the problem with chocolate milk. You said that chocolate milk was going to be discontinued at Barton Creek Elementary. You asked us what we thought of the problem and asked us to write to the school board what we thought. I believe that chocolate milk shouldn’t be discontinued because of how all the good things in it outweigh the bad. It contains all of the essential nutrients that kids need to grow. Also, many kids like the flavor of chocolate milk. Chocolate milk does not have as much added sugar as many people think

One reason that chocolate milk shouldn’t be abolished is because it also has the essential nutrients in white milk that kids need to grow. One cup of TruMoo chocolate milk contains as much calcium as 5 cups of broccoli, which helps children build a strong skeleton. It also contains as much potassium as a small banana. Potassium lowers blood pressure. Also, a cup of TruMoo chocolate milk has as much vitamin A and D as 2 baby carrots and 3.5 ounces of cooked salmon. Vitamin A is a vitamin that strengthens your immune system so you wont get sick as easily. It also improves the health of you bones and teeth. Vitamin D is a vitamin that can be produced in your body when you’re exposed to the sun, or in this case, chocolate milk.

Although many websites say that chocolate milk causes obesity, it can be easily avoided by only serving 2% chocolate milk at school. Chocolate milk shouldn’t be stopped is because it‘s a creamy chocolat-ey flavor that everyone loves. Studies show that children that drink chocolate milk aren’t necessarily heavier than white milk drinkers. Also, chocolate milk drinkers take in more essential nutrients than white milk drinkers. Chocolate milk also helps kids age 5-15 build a better quality diet.


Many critics claim that chocolate milk contains way too much sugar. While it might be true with some brands, chocolate milk does not have as much sugar as many people think. One 8 ounce serving of TruMoo chocolate milk only contains 1.5 teaspoons of added sugars. These extra calories can be easily burned off. Many companies claim that chocolate milk is the best recovery drink. I agree for many reasons. After a tiring swim practice, I always have a bottle of chocolate milk to refresh me. I have tried other things such as water, white milk and sports drinks, but chocolate milk is evidently the best recovery drink out there. The facts behind the drink are almost unbelievable. Compared to white milk, chocolate milk has twice as much carbohydrates and protein, making it the perfect recovery drink. Our lunch is after specials, so if we had PE, we could just buy a bottle of chocolate milk to replenish our tired muscles. If chocolate milk was removed, children would be more tired throughout the rest of the day after PE. They could drink other things, but none of the other drinks will re-energize them as much as chocolate milk.


Having chocolate milk at school is not just important for the kids. All milk productions will decrease by 10% just by removing chocolate milk from schools. Studies show that in schools that removed chocolate milk, the kids mostly bought white milk, but not drink it or bring their own chocolate milk. Chocolate milk has to stay! Thank you for reading my opinion on this problem.



Joseph Zhang


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