The Creature

Boom! The thunder reverberates through your skull. The rain patters on your neck and down your shirt, freezing your bones. The trees’ branches reach for you as you fly through the thick foliage. You can hear the heavy breathing of whatever is chasing you. As you run, you hear it’s feet snapping branches that you were lucky enough not to trip on. You see a field with tall grass in the distance. You scrape up whatever energy you have left and force yourself to reach the grass. As you hunker down into the grass, hoping not to be spotted, you finally catch a glimpse of the creature chasing you. It looks around for a moment and sniffs the air. You hold your breath and hope you didn’t eat garlic that day. As the creature approaches you, you hear it’s heavy feet landing on the rocks, causing its claws to clack. You can almost see the rancid smell of the creature’s breath. It’s hot breath and water drips onto your neck, making the hairs stick up. You finally can’t hold your breathe in any longer and slowly crawl away. The creature behind you growls and you feel it tense its body like a rubber band. It pounces and you bolt.

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