Sparta vs Athens

Choosing where to live is always a hard decision, but it was even harder for people in Ancient Greece. Sparta, the “meat” of Ancient Greece, raised their kids to have self-control and obedience. Their government was an oligarchy, meaning that there was a small group of people that ruled the entire city-state. They had the largest and strongest army in all of Greece. Spartans also treated their women with care, unlike other city-states. Also, they invented a clever early encryption code for sending messages between different generals.

       Athens, on the other hand, created the base of democracy, a government in which the people elected a representative to make decisions for them and were open to progress and new ideas. Athens also invented many new forms of architecture such as using optical tricks to make pillars and supports seem like they are perfectly straight.

       Although living in Sparta would mean that you are in a powerful city-state, you would be surrounded by hostile city-states, living in fear of a revolution and the living conditions would be too harsh. Athens, however, had a pretty fair government to men, a variety of jobs, and was overall more easygoing and wealthy.

       All things considered, the advantages of living in Athens outweighs the advantages of living in Sparta by a landslide.

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