The first time I saw Donald Trump on TV I just made some stupid joke like “How can he fix our country if he can’t even fix his hair?!?” but now I’m really getting worried. He’s leading in all the polls, he’s wiped out several people running for the nomination, and hes VERY VERY CLOSE TO BEING NOMINATED!!!!! If either of the republicans get elected, our country is toast. Seriously, it’s like Trump’s supporters just select all the things he’s said that they like, than forget about all the stupid stuff he’s said!!!


Am I the only person who remembers when he said “I’m a whiner, I whine and whine till I get what I want.” or, the fact that he thinks of a million dollars, an amount that many people in this country could only dream of, is a “small” amount, or when he said that his rallies are “the safest place on Earth” even after several people have been hurt, AT HIS RALLIES!!!!


Donald Trump is a spoiled rich brat, who should honestly drop out of the race.

The Bitter End


The bitter end, the bitter end.

surrounded by family, surrounded by friends.

came into the world with a shout and a wail

you thought to yourself, you’d never fail.

but that’s really not the truth

you figured that out, and you’re not a sleuth.


you thought life was hard and sad

just stick with it, it’s not so bad

once, you could barely pay your rent

but now you smile, very content


you’ve had a good life but it’s time to end

surrounded by family, surrounded by friends



An edgy poem about life and death because I was bored and kinda sad.






His body was toned
and muscular
and greyish blackand as he passed the alleyway
he turned,
and lashed out at the group of thugs
That were wide eyed and awestruck.
and there was the flash of a batarang
and a clenched fist
and eyes of white
hard and narrow slit.
then out of the alleyway
with that fluttering cape
moving without a sound through Gotham
he ran – that strange man
toned, muscular, greyish black
part man, part bat,
part neither – for justice would be served.



If you aren’t watching the Daredevil TV show on Netflix, than I highly suggest you do. Netflix is making 4 ( that’s just the ones we know about.) superhero shows. The superheroes are all members of The Defeneders, a more street level crime fighting group based in New York, and more specifically, Hell’s Kitchen. The 4 members are Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, Daredevil, and Iron Fist. The first season of Jessica Jones has already been released, there are two seasons of Daredevil out, Luke Cage season one is underway, and we don’t have an official e.t.a for season one of Iron Fist, but so far, the Daredevil series is my favorite.

Daredevil’s secret identity is Matt Murdock. Matt is a blind lawyer, he lost his sight in a car accident when he was 10, which of course involved radioactive goop. He was mentored by a blind fighting master named Stick. Matt trained with Stick for a while before going off to law school where he met his short time lover, and later, partner, Elektra, as well as his best friend, Foggy Nelson. Foggy and Matt start a law agency called Nelson and Murdock.


The show is great, and is incredibly close to the comics. WATCH IT!


War of Memeworld Chapter 2


When the residents of meme world found out that a sentinel had detected human racism, they were furious, but when the people of earth found out that Bill Nye had found a new planet, got turned into a racist banana, AND getting smashed flat all in one day, they were even more mad! Both planets were preparing for war. In the humans first encounter with meme invaders, they realized that residents of meme world could only be harmed by weirdos, and people who regularly used a computer.


The he military immidietly conscripted all the weirdos and computer users on earth. At first, the citizens didn’t comply, but once they found out what happened to Bill Nye, they were all onboard. Now the Government understood where all the memes were going! They were going to live on memeworld. Most of the memes had already left Earth to join Memeworld but some of them hadn’t,  such as Killer Keemstar, Grumpy Cat, Morgan Freeman, Lenny, and Barry B Benson.

They are the most elite fighting force on planet earth. They are… The Memesquad.


“Man your battle stations!! Keemstar! Get on the truth cannon! A fleet of “feminists” are coming this way!” Morgan Freeman shouted


“You men are scum!” One of the feminists shouted.

“You are evil disgusto-blobs!” Said another.


“Let’s get ROIIIIIGHT into the truth!” Said Keemstar, pulling up a definition of feminism on his phone. “It says right here that feminism is : the advocacy of women’s rights on the grounds of political, social, and economic EQUALITY to men. So therefore, you aren’t feminists, you are SEXISTS!!”


“NoOoOoOoOoOoOo!!!!” They all shouted in unison as they vaporized.


“We got ’em captain!” Keemstar said to Morgan Freeman triumphantly.





War of Memeworld


In the year 2069,  Bill Nye was observing some “witty internet images” when out of nowhere, he came across a pair of space coordinates. He immediately hopped in his spacemobile and flew out into the void. Once he had reached the coordinates, he saw a wormhole


“welp, no harm in going in!” He said. Little did he know, every second, his brain was deteriorating more and more due to the intense levels of meme radiation coming from the wormhole.


As soon as he went through, he saw a really big planet. the turquoise oceans came together to form the word “Memeworld”.


he landed the rocket and stepped out. A strange fruit bush caught his eye. The ugly shrub was a sickly grey color, was covered in thorns, and had heat-seeking missile launchers all over it. But the fruits that were on the bush looked fairly tasty, so he decided to go and devour them. He hippity hopped this way and that, to and fro, here and there, and before he knew it, his ship was a smoldering wreck, and he was high-tailin’ it outta there with two handfuls of bright green berries.


He shoved the berries into his mouth so hard he broke his jaw. He didn’t feel it, because his body was already racked with excruciating pain from the meme radiation from the wormhole, which had surprisingly stopped. As soon as he swallowed the berries, he knew he had made a very grave mistake. His regular arms turned into pixelized arms, he grew 2 feet shorter, his body started to curve, and he turned yellow. He realized suddenly that he had turned into a racist dancing banana.



“I strongly dislike members of other ethnic groups than my own!” He yelled sternly.


“RACISM DETECTED!!!” A mechanical voice shouted, enraged. A nearby tree transformed into a robot and smashed banana bill flat. Then the robot picked up Pancake Banana Bill and flung him like a frisbee. As he was in the air, the robot turned his arm into a blaster gun and shot Bill with a blasty blasto.


Grampappers learns about the internet


Once upon a time, Grampappers was being interviewed by a CNN guy.


CNN Guy : “So Grampappers, what’s ur favorite PewDiePie video?”


Grampappers : ” I’ve heard that this ‘Poodpie’ fella is the king of whippersnappers. I’ve heard he shows whippersnapper training films to children through some sort of net!”


CNN Guy : “XDDDD LOL u make me KKEKKEKE!!!!! I tinksss dat u meen D internet!!!!!!!!! PEWDIEPIE IS MY DAD!!! XDDDDDD PLEASE EAT MY LEG RIGHT OFF!!!”


Grampappers : “huh.”


CNN Guy : “Ok well whats your favorite MeMe!?!?!?1”


As CNN Guy says this, it triggers a war flashback for Grampappers. He imagines loads of ‘KABOOM’s and gets incredibly frightened and angry.


Grampappers : “WHO DO YOU WORK FOR!!”


CNN Guy : * takes of his CNN Guy disguise* “It is I! Guy Fieri!!”


Guy Fieri and Grampappers had both been in the 1337th squadron in the battle of the meme planet, XxX_Memeworld_XxX, but Guy Fieri had been abducted by the members of the band Smash Mouth, who sang their song “All Star” in his ears for 6 months straight, without stopping. This constant torture had turned Guy “Ganster” Fieri into a super evil dude!!


“Overlord Pewdie will be pleased to have you! He has been plotting to kill you ever since you shut off the internet for his house!” Fieri said menacingly


“I still don’t understand what an “internet” is. I just shot a big tower with blinky lights on top!”


Fieri sighs, exasperated. “The Internet is like this big database that has information and stuff, you can play games and chat with your friends using the Internet, you can also post funny images.”


“let’s battle!!!” Grampappers yelled.


Grampappers charged at Fieri full speed, before unsheathed his mahogany cane sword.


“whoah that’s gangster dude!!!” Fiery said as he threw a “Guy’s Famous Molotov Cocktail” at Grampappers. With a grunt of effort, Grampappers knocked away the flaming concoction. Fieri screamed shrilly in anger


“My meatballs are killer!!” Guy bellowed. He charged towards Grampappers and transformed into a giant spicy meatbol, planning to crush him with 2 tons of spicy ground beef. Grampappers slid under the meatbol And hacked at the underside.


“YEOUCH!!!” Fieri yelled. “Prepare to get penetrated!” He pointed his head down at Grampappers, and shot spikes of razor-sharp, white hair and Grampappers. Grampappers slid to the left, slid to the right, and did 2 hops. Then, he went to town on the hair spikes, slashing them in half, mid-air! Grampa papers was fed up with this whippersnapper nonsense. He leapt into the air, and swung his feet above his head, generating tons of momentum. He spiraled vertically in the air for a few seconds before his foot made contact with Fieri’s chin, and popped his head clean off! While the head was still in the air, Grampappers threw his cane sword through it, pinning it to the wall.


“My newest trophy!” Grampappers exclaimed triumphantly.






Wow am kek



I heard a strange voice yell from the bathroom. I peeked into the bathroom… It was filthy frank!!!

“Howdy mister! I hope yer day has been going great!! ” I snarled at him ferociously.

” Wow kid u shouldn’t be in here you only have like 2.838183647995774527577118469 meme!!!” he yelled back.

“Lol XDDDDDDDDD MEME!! Am have 15 meme 1 v 1 me on ramen simliulater 2k44!” I said as I sprinted away gracefully.

“James, Ryan, Barry b benson, you guys wouldn’t believe what just happened!!!” I said as I slammed into Ryan in the hallway.

” lemme guess, you just watched your first poodiepie video?” all three said in unison.

“Kind of, but I just saw diddley diddley diddley man run right straight into a door!!! ” huh. XDDDD LMAO KEKEKEK TOPKEK GR8 MEME OMG 1V1 MEE ON RUST KEKE THATS HILAROS!!!!” They all yelled.



“hey jimmy Jon jameyyey m’boy!!!!!!!!!😂😂😂😂” I yelled to James enthusiastically.

“No more wiggles for you young man”James said, turning the channel from my favorite show, the wiggles, back to his favorite movie, bee movie garfeld crossover episode of bing bong theory!!!

“D:<” I yelled.He flew up into the air, with meme essence floating around him

“today you will feel the full might of John cena! Doot doo-doot doooo!!!!!!”

It was one of my many weaknesses, StAlE MeMeS!!!!!!

“Wut 2 hek” I yelled kinda loud

“I am trying 2 quikskop sonic but he’s to fast!!!!!!” I yelled real hecking loud

“your 2 slow! C’mon, step it up!” He keked back.

Oh hek am dead D:

Three Fantastic Tourist Destinations in America.


If you are lacking in great tourist spots in america, than you’ve come to the right place! Here are a few of my favorite spots that I’ve been to.


  1.   The Golden Gate Bridge.

The Golden Gate Bridge truly is a triumph of  engineering. The mighty bridge spans 1.7 miles, and is incredibly beautiful to see, whether you’re on the bridge, or observing from a distance. The massive structure took 4 years to build, and weighs a whopping 887,000 TONS!


2.   The Grand Canyon.

The jaw-dropping beauty of The Grand Canyon makes it a must see for anyone around Arizona. The gargantuan canyon is the result of millions of years of erosion from the Colorado River. The canyon, in it’s entirety, is 1,902 sq miles of pure awesome.


3.   Pinballz Arcade.



This one is my personal favorite of the three destinations I mentioned. If you love arcades like I do, than you’ll REALLY love this place. Pinballz has great games, nice, enthusiastic staff, delicious food, fun prizes, and as the name would suggest, TONS of pinball machines! I love coming here with my mom and dad.  If you’re in the mood for hours and hours of fun for the whole family, than Pinballz Arcade is the place for you.  Pinballz Arcade is here in Austin, don’t get it confused with the other, sub-par arcade down in Buda, Pinballz Kingdom.