September 18

Book Report on The Enemy Above

    I recently read “The Enemy Above” by Micheal Spradlin. This story is located in Ukraine during 1942-45 when the Nazis annex Ukraine for the fertile soil and farmland. When the Nazis invade they send the gestapo or the German secret police to capture Jewish people that inhabit Ukraine. In the Ukraine countryside is a boy named Anton with his Uncles ,Dimitri and Pavel, and his grandmother, Bubbe, who live as farmers. He and his grandmother are home when the Nazis invade but they quickly run from a determined major in the gestapo called Karl Von Dusan is determined to catch more Jewish people and get a promotion to general. But he knows Germany is losing and his brother, Heinz, fighting harsh battles in Russia. When Anton meets back with his uncles they get found by Major Von Dusan and his grandmother gets captured and Anton goes on a mission to save his grandmother and get to another hiding spot called the Priests Grotto undetected.


    This book was a good story except for a few little things that could be fixed. The first thing is the lack of more description in the book. I think if there was more descriptions in the book it would be a lot better. Also the thoughts of the characters are not clear enough to feel like you are the character and that would increase personality within the characters. All in all that was a good book and if they added that it would be better.

Check out a excerpt or reviews at the authors website.

September 13

How You Could Prepare School Supplies

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       When school starts there is always a frenzy for school supplie shopping and here is a few tips for starting off your school year on a high note. Because some people (me included) are not happy for school and they want the longest summer and want to be the most efficient to enjoy the start of school. First, you should make a big list of everything you need two or three days before and gather everything you currently have. You should also check from your experience and make the most educated solution and not be that person that has all of their school supplies and no backpack. Second, have multiple binders (I would suggest one per class) and have it labeled (for example, homework,notes, etc.). It will save you later on when you have 12 pounds of notes and 50 pounds of homework. You should also get a water bottle to stay hydrated and stay focused. Good Luck on starting the school year.