September 14

About Me

Hi my name is Joseph and I am in orchestra at our middle school. I consider myself a musician by heart and I have basically played instruments all of my life. I have always dreamed of hearing a full orchestra play together . But playing in a orchestra was another thing altogether. Then in fifth grade I was given the choice to join orchestra, band or choir to start my career as a musician in middle school. It was a dilemma about who to choose, so many good choices and only one decision. After a week or two of constant pondering and being transported to imaginary worlds of thoughts and wishes I chose the double bass. If you are scratching your head right now a bass (or double bass) is a gigantic hollow piece of wood with to f shaped holed and strings attached to a wooden board being played with plastic strings with sticky tree sap. The beauty of such a beast is the diversity of noted it can play and the often neglected bass line in most music pieces.

When middle school first started, I was in constant nervousness of orchestra, homework and teachers and I had basically no experience or brothers or sisters who could give me hints. But I do not want you to worry too much about almost nonexistent or tiny problems so I constantly help newer kids and be their friend.

I currently a student (seventh grader) of middle school  in Austin, Texas.