My Hero’s Journey

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Pictures by me.

A couple of days ago my guinea pig Chubbs died. I wrote something about him. Click here to read it.


I loved Chubbs very much and he lived for three years. He died on Thursday October 6th, 2016. Every year when this day comes I will be very sad, but I realize that he might be having a better life right now than I ever gave him.


He could be laying on a plush pillow with a haystack right next to him (only the prickly parts, he doesn’t like the rest) and lettuce coming every minute. (His other favorite food). What I know wouldn’t be there would be the kibble I usually fed him because it was good for him (not because he liked it).


Anyway, wherever you are Chubbs, just know I’ll miss you and my room has never been this quiet. Every time I crinkle a bag I expect to hear your (once annoying) now dearly missed squealing.


Have a good afterlife Chubbs. I love you.

2 thoughts on “My Hero’s Journey

  1. Josie, I like you way you wrote about losing Chubbs. I felt sad and happy reading your story. It was thoughtful of you to present pictures that helped me understand your life with Chubbs. I know you miss him. Love you GiGiok

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