Advice For 7th Graders

First of all, don’t sign up for an elective you don’t know anything about.  Here are some tips you should follow:

  1. Don’t do Latin, no matter how smart you are.
  2. Spanish too
  3. French also
  4. Just don’t do a language
  5. Dont challenge yourself in any class. Just stick with A’s in all your classes. Don’t risk a B in 8th grade math.
  6. Do homework everywhere you can.
  7. Don’t work in wildcat time. It makes your day depressing
  8. Don’t buy books at the book fair. You can find them on eBay for an 8th of the price;)
  9. Dont use your iPad. It’s a waste of time
  10. Try out for all teams so you feel special.
  11. Make friends so your not a loner
  12. nobody likes loners
  13. sorry, but it’s true
  14. Only have pencils in your pencil bag. All the other materials are a myth, your teacher can provide them.
  15. These are all true.

Coauthor: Emma D.


234A7897.jpg Mark Dumont via Compfight

Slithering, striking, sneakily, SSSS-Is the sound you hear before terror strikes.

Next you feel the blades of deaths cold bite, but what do you feel first?

Stinging pain like ice growing and splintering your bone, or the numbness as silent as the fate the awaits you if you don’t do anything in the next few minutes.

Next, you see the eyes of the origin from which your pain came within it.

While you stare into the killers eyes you begin to think about the gravity.

You pull out your phone to call someone because you now know this has become a reality.

You think, “this is a disaster.”

The police answer.

After your brief conversation they say they’ll send a crew member.

“We’ll be right there.” That is the last thing you remember.


A Rhyme For Halloween

Tonight I light the candles of my eyes in the lee
And swing down this branch full of red leaves.
Yellow moon, skull and spine of the hare,
Arrow me to town on the neck of the air.


I hear the undertaker make love in the heather;
The candy maker, poor fellow, is under the weather.
Skunk, moose, raccoon, they go to the doors in threes
With a torch in their hands or pleas: “O, please . . .”


Baruch Spinoza and the butcher are drunk:
One is the tail and one is the trunk
Of a beast who dances in circles for beer
And doesn’t think twice to learn how to steer.


Our clock is blind, our clock is dumb.
Its hands are broken, its fingers numb.
No time for the martyr of our fair town
Who wasn’t a witch because she could drown.


Now the dogs of the cemetery are starting to bark
At the vision of her, bobbing up through the dark.
When she opens her mouth to gasp for air,
A moth flies out and lands in her hair.


The apples are thumping, winter is coming.
The lips of the pumpkin soon will be humming.
By the caw of the crow on the first of the year,
Something will die, something appear.
I Like this poem because it’s really long and it rhymes and I like when poems go in a flow like this one did for a while. It also talks about one of my favorite holidays.

Best Places to Visit in Austin

If you’re visiting Austin and wondering where to go, then here is just some of Austins greatest attractions.


Lady Bird Lake

 Town Lake Bike Ride David Ingram via Compfight

If your looking for a calm lake to set up a picnic by, then this is the place for you. The lake is filled with ducks, geese, and swans. It offers fun paddle boarding and kayaking.


Barton Spring Pool

Barton Springs - Austin Texas (Evening sun)Creative Commons License Todd Dwyer via Compfight

If you’re looking for a nice and cold pool to chill, then this is the sight for you. This is a dog friendly ice cold pool that is cooled by springs nearby.


The Paramount Theatre

Paramount Theatre ~ Cedar Rapids, Iowa Onasill ~ Bill Badzo via Compfight

The Paramount Theatre is a live theatre located in downtown Austin, Texas. The classical revival style structure was built in 1915.


Austin Aquarium

Dolphin show Shinji Kuriyama via Compfight

At Austin Aquarium there are many animals plus it’s a fun kid friendly interactive water zoo.

Why I Dislike Skunks

Skunk. That’s all I can think about when I come across a bed smell in the car.

They’re basically suicide time bombs waiting to get hit by a car with a large number of people in it. It’s only a matter of time before YOU hit one. It has a silent, but deadly effect. It waddles into the road, gets hit by a car, and then releases its filthy sour stench into your air vents right into your face.

I think we should set up a hunting campaign to find all of them and make them go extinct. (I will lead the campaign) Then, and only then, will we be safe.


Are Martians real? Is Mars a sustainable planet?

Many of these types of questions have been asked for years. Scientists have put probe robots on Mars to search for anything unusual. Now, I don’t know if there are Martians, but if there are and we know about it, I can tell you that the government will keep it a secret. Mars truly is a confusing planet on the outside, but on the inside its a lot like ours.

The days on Mars are just 40 min apart and the terrain looks like orange mountains. There may not be much color on Mars, but same shapes. One of the cool things about Mars is that it has 2 moons!

I really hope that Martians are real, but there not dangerous, but I cannot tell you if Mars is a sustainable planet. Yet.


The bells

I wake up to the sound of ringing bells. I rush out of bed and run downstairs to the window. I watch as snow falls onto nearby trees, but melting before it hits the ground. The morning dew twinkles and glistens in unison with the heavy bongs of the bell. I look to the triumphant orange sun. The bell rings its final ring and the snow drops its final flake. With the sun booming in the trees, the dew slowly rises from the ground as if someone hit the rewind button on life. Only I didn’t get any younger so I knew it was just evaporation. Sometimes I just imagine it, but I know this is real. I want to go back inside, only the sun is beckoning  me to look at to one more second, so I turn back to face it. It gets brighter and brighter so I look away. This repeats about 3 more times. Finally I relize that it’s not real. Then I wake up to my teachers voice calling my name.

The signature

I peeked open an eye expecting to see my grade. Instead, it says you have one comment.  “Hmmmm” I clicked on the link and it opened a new page. Instead of a full comment it only had a lone signature. It read SHELLY. “I wonder who this is?” The bell rang and I got up to leave, but on the door was the same signature. What was this all about I thought. I went to bed confused and curious so I searched SHELLY. My phone automatically sit itself off. “That’s really weird.” Then I heard my dad coming upstairs so I dug my head int my pillow and closed my eyes.

I peeked open an eye to see the signature on my table. What is this I thought. I got really scared and went to school. Then I woke up.


Narrative Essay

There I was at the Chapparal Stadium. Our first game. I never thought that I would play here until high school.

I dazed around the stadium. It was so hot that I felt like I was being cooked by large giants.The huddle. The huddle. I must get back to the huddle. My legs jerked me back to the huddle faster than my head could process. “Blue 90 Flat.” Mumbles the quarterback. I think this is my play. Of course it is my conscience whispers to me.

I jog out to my spot feeling as though I was running to save the world, but I wasn’t running. I was jogging. I needed to get on the line before the ball was snapped, but my legs only allowed me to jog.

I never realized how awkward I looked until we saw the film, but anyway I got up on the line and waited for the ball to move. My mind was still in a daze so it felt like HOURS. Suddenly the ball moved; slowly it inched from the centers hand into the quarterbacks glove.

I was gone. I zoomed off like a bullet straight to the spot I was assigned. I looked back at the quarterback for the ball, but it was already in my face. I was blinded by it, so I threw my hands up and clutched the first thing they touched.

My gloves gripped leather and I realized that I had caught it! While I ran, I tucked the ball and turned. There was already a defender waiting for me. There was a loud pop and the scruffing of rubber. I went to the ground proud.

At that moment I realized that I can overcome fear and I felt more confident than ever. The next time I am faced with a challenge I know that I can beat it.

The W

My dad likes to take us to downtown Austin where we eat and study at the W Hotel. We like to eat their French toast and hot chocolate. They have outdoor and indoor seating. All the food is great.

Inside in the W they have a living room and a lobby. We like to sit in the living rooms and study/ do homework. I’ve never stayed in the rooms for the night, but my dad has. He says they’re better than the living rooms.

I definitely want to stay there, but it’s very expensive. If you are ever downtown looking for a place to study than the W is perfect for you.