Summer Poem

Morning’s soft air, touching everything with such care,
Caresses a young face, in a quiet secluded place.
Smile planted strong, heart beating on.
Only one thing is on her mind, and that is summertime.

By Abbey Silent

I enjoy this poem, because it is all true to me. The poem has rhythm, which makes it sound really cool.  Just reading it will remind you of how wonderful summer truly is.



Life throws you a curve,
Breaking so sharply,
That just before it crosses the plate,
You flinch, bend back.
You still have two strikes to go.
Next a change up or a slider.
Perhaps followed by high heat.
A 100 mph fastball.
Even if you know what pitch is coming,
You still can’t hit it out of the park.
Soon you are not allowed
Any more pitches. 3 strikes.
Return to the bench.
No sense hanging around.
You’re out. That’s it.

By, Louis Philips

Life is similar to this poem, you only have a few chances to be successful.  Use every moment of your life to the fullest. There might be a situation where you can be a hero, do the right thing and great things will come upon you.

3 Festivals in Austin, Texas

Austin Texas is a wonderful place to live.  Austin Texas has hot summers, great food, and nice people.  But Austin really known for its festivals.


The Rodeo is one of the coolest places to go.  Sadly it only comes once a year.  The Rodeo has food, games, and great country music.


Austin city limits is one of the most popular festivals in Texas.  lots of great singers and bands go there to preform.  Every time you go you will enjoy the food fun and music.


South by Southwest is a fun place to be when it comes to music.  South by Southwest is so popular, that the president comes.  The festival has music, games, and food.

Helping others

A life without friends is a life without joy.  Helping others can make friends and best friends.  But it all starts with being helpful.

Helping others could be the start of a new life, for you and others.  By helping others, we can make the world a better place.  One of the most important things, is being kind.

An example of helping others is finding cures for sicknesses, or donating to people that have nothing.  By doing one of these things, you could make the world a better place.  You could also just start small and work your way up.  All you need to do is say a friendly hello, to someone who is having a rough day.

My life’s Blueprint

My life’s blueprint would be ambitious, because I like to succeed in lots of things.

I have already started to work on my career, by doing acting.  I love to act. Recently I was on a movie called Twas The Heist Before Christmas.  The movie is based on 3 boys that want to have a Christmas present early.

I also want to be a pro baseball player, but that’s really difficult to do.  I  mostly want to focus on things that will help others.  One day I will donate to the poor  a lot of money.  The joy on a persons face is more than any amount of money.


Colorado Winters

I think Colorado is a wonderful place to be for the winter.  There are so many things to do.  Colorado is a peaceful place to be.

I often go to Colorado in the summer, but recently I went in the winter.  The experience was one to remember.  The first thing we did was skiing.  My family and I went to Breckenridge to ski on slopes that were a lot of fun.

Almost every day it snowed, but when it did it was magical.  I would always look out our balcony in the morning to see the sunrise glimmering over the mountains.  It surely was a beautiful place to be.

The experience that I had in Colorado was amazing.  So when you want to go to Colorado, I recommend going in the winter.  You can go in the summer as well, because there are a lot of things to do then as well.

Phantom’s lair

As we entered the gate made of bones, I felt an evil presence resting on my shoulders.  The lair got even creeper when I got on the boat.  I looked  down to see the water, but all I saw was evil eyes starring at me.  The farther we went through the lair, it got darker and darker.

When we touched land, I felt a chill go up my spine.  Cobwebs stretched across the room with a white gleam upon them.  I turned to see what his home looks like, and I saw something remarkable.  The phantom was so elegant and clean.  The furniture was really high class, I wondered how did he get the money to afford this.

The phantom showed me a plastic person that looked just like me.   I stared at it for a while, then I was out cold.

Christmas break


I didn’t do much over the break. For me the break was very restful,enjoyable and fun . Here are some of the things I did.

The first day of Christmas break I just sat on the couch and watched T.V.  After the first week of chilling out, and doing nothing.  I wanted to make my Christmas list.  I basically wanted about a hundred things. Now it’s about 3 days till Christmas.  I check if there’s anything under the tree, “there was nothing.”  At this point I’m desperate, but I completely forgot about my premier, for twas the heist before Christmas .

I am so happy I had something to look forward to this christmas  As soon as the premier was over, I went right to bed.  Not knowing it’s Christmas  eve,  I still fell right to sleep.  When I opened my eyes that morning, I heard the sound of a hover boared turning on.



Minions The movie

I have just watched the movie minions, and I love it.  The movie has so many funny jokes.  One of the big reasons I watched the movie is because, of its original film Despicable Me.  Despicable Me 1 and two 2 were very appealing, but minions is a lot better.

Minions are basically a yellow evil Minion.   this paragraph below probably gives you a better example of a minion. Evolving from single-celled yellow organisms at the dawn of time, Minions live to serve, but find themselves working for a continual series of unsuccessful masters, from T. Rex to Napoleon. Without a master to grovel for, the Minions fall into a deep depression. But one minion, Kevin, has a plan to go and search for a new master.


I cant give you any more detail about the movie.  Your just going to have to see it your self.  “Hope you enjoy the movie Minions”.

Black Friday Madness

It was a cold wet morning, when my mom came and waked me up.  She said to me ” get your clothes on, we’re going to the mall”.  So really quickly I got dressed, and got in the car.  As we parked are Car, we saw hundreds of people in line to get into the store.  We got and line and waited for about an hour, then they finally opened the door.  People ran inside at full speed, a couple of people fell down.  We final got in, and we quickly grab some cool thing that we needed.  My mom said “these people are out of control”.  I said back “let’s get out of here”.

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