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Roller Coasters Poem

Rolloer Coasters Poem

                                 up, down all around 

twisting turning stomach lurching 

strapped for safety stable hasty

arms flying adrenaline pumping

              screeching wheels hearing squeals  

                    daunting drops and to many pops

                    head fling forward the ride is over

             are you ready to get on this roller coaster?


Author’s Note:

  I wrote this poem because all Choir,Band and Orchestra kids went on a all day field trip to a completion and then Six Flags,an amusement park in San Antonio. It was super duper fun and I loved the thrill of the roller coasters I went on. I had the pleasure of riding on the Batman,Iron Raddler, Road Runner and also some of the other white water rafting rides. I wish I could’ve Superman and the Goliath…





Spring Break:)

This Spring Break me and my sister are going to be with my mom. This year I am very excited because we are going to LA. I’ve never been there and it sounds like so much fun. 

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Christmas Break

During Christmas break, I stayed home for half of the time with my mom and sister and we went ice skating. We also went to fancy plays, the park and good restaurants. As we were being tourists in our hometown, we didn’t get much traffic( For Westlake), free days and a whole lot of sleeping. We had a wonderful Christmas and got to do some things that you can’t do during the regular school year routine. For Christmas I got some good stuff: like Lululemon dance clothes, soft blankets and a whole lot of gift cards. I am very happy with everything:)


For my second week of Christmas Break with my dad, sister, stepmother and younger siblings. We went to our house in The Florida Keys. It was much warmer than Austin. I went to the beach, and tried to find a hermit crab, so I could name it ” Bobby Joe Franklin”. I had no luck. This led me to name a Coconut instead… Anyways, For my younger sisters birthday (Zelda ) we went down to Key West( the Southern most part of The United States) and walked around the streets where there were shops, Henna Tattoo artists and Irish pubs. I got a Henna Tattoo that had a

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On October, 31 the

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The Woods

I just recently wrote a story in my writers notebook that I would like to share with you. Please let me know if I can add or take away anything from it. I’m happy to get any sort of feedback.

The Woods


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Babysitting Bedtime stories

Have you ever looked after a toddler? Have you ever been sat on, spit on and snuggled by little kid? I sure have… I live with that normal lifestyle! Double it! I have two incredibly cute little siblings… Nick and Zelda. I babysat this weekend with my older sister Isabelle and it was… Um… I truly have no words.


But that wouldn’t be a very good post would it… Just to stop there. So I’m gonna continue. I have a lot of fun babysitting my little brother and little sister, especially when I have the help of my wonderful older sister… I definitely couldn’t do it on my own. Here are some helpful hints to make




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Summer Plans

  Summer is coming up and I am very excited. More flowers are blooming,but will soon be dried out by 100 degree heat. Us seventh graders are going into 8th grade. Summers are fun,free and inviting and I can’t wait.

  This summer I am going to have a lot of fun. I’m going to go to the Florida Keys with my dad,sister,stepmom,little brother,and other sister. We are going to stay there for 3 weeks! We are going to stay on the second chain of keys from shore, Islamorada. It is soooo pretty their. While we are their me,my uncle and my sister are all going to learn how to scuba dive. I am looking forward to it because whenever I am snorkeling I tend to enjoy going down to the deepest part of the reef rather than staying on the top of the water so, this way I will be able to stay down longer and see all the pretty fish and marine wildlife.

With my mom we are thinking about going to somewhere in Europe. It is up in the air right now,but I am sure that anything we do will be an adventure. I am also going to take a self-defense class more earlier in the summer with my stepmom. It was something I came up with that I’ve never done before and sounds like it could be a good thing to do in the summer time because my schedule is opening up. That should be interesting… 

Overall it is shaping up to look like a really excellent 3 months and I hope that everyone else has a great summer too!


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  Spring. S. P. R . I. N. G. Sky blue. Peaceful. Renewing. Instant. New. Green. Spring comes in a flow of leaves and familiarity. It is the new beggining of the last nine weeks of school and that means SUMMER. Summer means sun,splashing,sand… But spring Is my favorite season.

  In my book, its the prettiest. With all of the flowers and crazy colors of the trees it just is sooo much different then all the rest of the seasons. In the fall the colors are mostly orange,brown and those neutral kind of colors. But in the spring it is all kinds of colors like purple,blue,green,red… The list goes on and on.Summer is awesome because we are out of school,but it gets VERY hot in Texas. That time of year and is not too enjoyable for me. Spring has nice weather and is mostly cool. Winter on the other hand is way to cold and it doesn’t leave a good environment for flowers and plants to grow. 

  Some people may think that summer is better because of the fun vacation we are given. I agree. But we also have Spring Break. I realize that spring break is only a week,but that’s all I need to catch up on my rest and head back to school. In spring, a lot after school activities rap up the last few practices until the last big game,recital or meet. Then, its kind of less stressful because the really hard part is mostly over. 

   Spring may not be everybody’s favorite. That’s fine. But please try to notice the beauty behind it all and hey almost summer, right.


Why I Think Normal Is Overated

 I feel that you can be anyone you want to and not be pressured by society. I think that normal is overrated. Here are some of my thoughts:

  When you’re walking down south congress or you just got out of a hectic Taylor Swift concert and you see people that are dect out in the strangest things,do you ever wonder what it would be like to just embrace yourself and be like that? I do. If I came to school with 2 pairs a pants on, I would probably get a couple questioning looks because well… you know two pants.TWO pants. Who where’s 2 pants?mmmhhhmmm. Anyways,I love that people be who they want to be and have a wonderful amount of craziness in their every day life.But even if its weird and no one else is doing it,if it makes you happy or maybe just gives you a slight giggle than you might want to give it a try. 

 Last year in 6th grade, I LOVED my denim overalls. I would wear them with boots,shirts,hats and crazy socks because I thought it was fun and different. The only reason I stopped wearing them was because they give me a little bit of a wedgy. But that’s not inmportant. What’s inmportant is that I did because I wanted too.

Normal is normal. Like everybody else. I think normal is overrated because you could be so many versions of other people and copy them,but you could also be you’re own unique self.

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Spring Break:)

In 7 weeks, I’m going to be hitting the waves, riding bikes and going on awesome tours. My sister and I are going to LA with my mom. I have never been there and I am so excited. Checking my calendar every week for the day to come!

I have heard wonderful things about LA. Good weather, amazing sites and lots to do. Spring Break always falls on my sisters birthday(San. Patricks Day)and I am glad that this year she gets to celebrate it in such a fun place. While we are in LA I really want to take a tour of Universal Studios! My mom did it last year and had the best time. We are also going to try to get into some talk shows there on the set. 

We are going to stay a little outside the city by the beach and boardwalk. Hopefully eat at cool restaurants too. I am looking forward to maybe seeing someone famous in LA. A lot of big names live there and it would be kinda weird,but amazing to see someone.When we are in La we are going to stay with my moms friend. She just moved there and has many places she wants to take us.

 Although I have very fare skin and I might look like a burnt tomato when I come back, It will be all worth it:) I have been to many places in Calofornia,but this is somewhere were I have always dreamed of going.  What better way to spend it then with my family?


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