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Happy Rash Hashanah!

on October 4, 2016

On October, 2 ,2016, History was made…

I’m just kidding. It was Rash Hashannah! My family had a very nice dinner and made Noodle Koogle, Green Bean Cassorole and many other delicious treats. Noodle Koogle is a pasta desert… Yes, Pasta. It has cinnamon, sugar and pecans. The perfect combination. Very sweet and savory I would say.

Oh, I almost forgot. Your probably thinking, Rashashooboo? What in the world is that. Well, it is a Jewish holiday celebrating the New Year. We say prayers and blessing to do with the gift of bread and wine. It was a lot of fun! Family friends get together to say what they would like for the next year and what they liked about the last. It is a lot like our New Year celebration, but we do many others rituals as well. We also eat apples and honey to symbolize a sweet New Year to come. I had a great time this weekend celebrating with my family. What are some things that you celebrate at your home?


2 Responses to “Happy Rash Hashanah!”

  1. ingridm4 says:

    I hope that you had a great Rash Hashanah! It sounds so much fun. You’re making me hungry with the apples and honey. I am Christian, so at my house we celebrate Christmas and Easter, but I am also Swedish, so I celebrate St. Lucia day.

  2. Mrs. Kriese says:

    Cinnamon, sugar, and pecans? Yes, that must have been a delicious dish!

    At our home, we don’t celebrate the New Year in any special way. It’s fun to have the day off and reflect on some goals, but we don’t do any special cooking, not even black-eyed peas!

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