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Into the Woods Journal Entry

on October 25, 2016

I hope you like this blog post. It is from my past journal entry and I thought I should share it with my 7th grade peers. It is something that is a little more scary/dark then I normally do. I’m trying to start writing out of my comfort zone. Let me know if you like it or not. I will take any feedback:)

It’s midnight, dark and weary. A simple shrill can awaken the mysterys of the night..

A shiver gallops along the leaves as the sun runs away from all the nights fury. Eyes from every corner of the branches gleams on a boy. He’s the one they’ve been seeking. Waiting for forever…Some need to pounce. Some need to watch. Some need to bite. This boy finds light in the dark, but in this moment that seems so impossibly unrealistic. One wrong move and the sky will carry him to his fate. He walks into the shrieking woods as it is calling to him as a friend. Every step slows down as he gets into the heart of the forest. Frantically looking side to side. The creatures creep into his thoughts and rap around them. He’s trapped. TrYING to run, but its as if every living and non living thing that every scared you as a kid was one step ahead of you. The light is nearly visible, but not within reach.

He felt a tug on his left leg, almost to the extent to pull it off. A substance ly next to them as they both fell..Blood.Who is this creature that pulled my leg? Why me? Why now? All of these thoughts jumping in his bruised head. Then he looked up to see not ONLY the mellow moon being melloncally during midnight, but a frightening,huge monster with teeth the size of both you and me combined. The shadows sprint away as he creeps, only the worse of man kind can possibly love this monster. His scalely skin finds a way to blend with his murky gray complection. ¬†Words, thoughts and instincts fill his mind. Though somehow he’s completely still. The horns and the snarl at every living thing adds the cherry on top to this scary sundae.

Then there was a CCCRRRREEEEEKKKK of a branch..The boys scream echoed through the woods.

Then the director screamed ” Cut that’s a rap, Great job everybody. See you tomorrow” Then all the monsters tucked into the fictional spirit of the woods.

4 Responses to “Into the Woods Journal Entry”

  1. sophiem4 says:

    Ha! You having really good writing, and I love the ending!

  2. juliaf4 says:

    Thank you! I appreciate it Sophie:)

  3. Mrs. Kriese says:

    I especially like the personification in this: branches that stare with gleaming eyes, shadows that sprint away…

    Very creative!

  4. ingridm4 says:

    This is really, really, REALLY good Julia!!! I love how you had me hooked until the very last sentence, and it was so funny in the end!

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