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Christmas Time!!

on November 2, 2016

Although it is not even close to Thanksgiving, and the weather is still at 80 degrees. I’m so excited for Christmas Time! In my opinion Christmas time is when all the great Hallmark movies come out and its when I can finally where a sweater. Here in Texas you don’t get many chances to wear a fleece sweater. It’s also when you get the chance to get off school early snd go see your family for some Christmas celebrations.

This Christmas I am going to Florida to see my family there for the New Years. We will all be together to celebrate Hanukkah! (I am writing about Christmas even though I celebrate Hanukkah, so it’s a little confusing! Sorry about that) Before Christmas I’m going somewhere nice with my mom, but we haven’t decided just yet.

I would consider myself a pretty lucky kid because I get to be with my mom and dad on Christmas even when there divorced. I’m very happy because they are both good people to be around the holidays. My mom is always making yummy fall dishes & playing Christmas music while me and my sister study. My stepmom and dad bake and also cooking up a storm so if we needed to hibernate like bears do when it gets to cold( cold in Austin would be 70 degrees) we could! 

Even after a couple days have past since Christmas , I always count down the days till next year. I would love to hear about your favorite Christmas celebrations. If your the person reading this and thinking “Wow! Thanksgiving isn’t even super close and she’s talking about Christmas!”. I completely understand. If you want to forget about this whole Christmas blog post and pretend it’s a blog post about Thanksgiving…be my guest! I am then going to “Germany” and hanging with ” Hansel and Gretel” while eating a turkey out of a “talking trees hands”( the quotations mean I’m just totally making this up as I’m looking at a wall ). Thank you for reading my blog and a Happy Christmas countdown : 53 days left!


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2 Responses to “Christmas Time!!”

  1. sophiem4 says:

    I LOVE CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Every Christmas Eve we have a big dinner, and open presents from our family and friends, and go to church. I love making cookies and cakes, and figuring out what my parents got me……. Close to Christmas (in the 12 days before it) I will be writing ALOT. Like everyday. So get prepared for Christmas cheer! ( I loved your post, it was really thought out!)

  2. Zoey R says:

    Julia I love your post!! It made me even more exited for Christmas. I think you have really good writing skills & you used really good imagery!!

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