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Christmas Tree’s and The Suprising Cool Breeze

on December 1, 2016

  This past Thursday, I went to Papa Noel. There they have a variety of well crafted Christmas Trees that I pick from every year. It’s always something I cherish around Christmas time. Getting the right tree for your house is important. Not to big or to small. Before you put the  glittery ornaments and long ribbons on the tree, you might want to get a good one first. Here are some things you should look for if you’re wanting the perfect Christmas Tree:


The Christmas Tree Guidelines:

FIRST: You have to keep in mind that you do certainly have a roof and pick the write length for that measurement.

SECOND: Get that good smelling Christmas Tree perfume for your house.

THIRD: Make sure you have someone to help you get the Christmas Tree of the car. You don’t want to be attcked… Like  I was.

FOURTH: Check to be sure that your Christmas Tree is indeed on your car in the first place. You don’t want to have your 6 foot Tree in the middle of the Highway.

These are all suggestions and you could have a Christmas Tree through your roof if that’s your way of a happy holiday season. For Christmas is 24 days away and people are already bundeling up for the 39 degree weather! Im glad it is finally getting cold, and I dont have to force the scarfs and hats on the sweaty 80 degrees!I hope everyone has a Happy Holiday and a Radical Hanukkah. Thank you for reading my blog post!


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