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Getting My Braces Off!

on January 11, 2017

¬†ONCE LONG AGO AT Dr.Kuniks orthodontist office a little 5th grader got her braces on. It was all giggling and chasing butterflies in the meadow, until one day she had to tighten them…

That’s were this story begins. I was very excited to get my braces off and thought it would be cool because everybody was getting them on too. As soon as they hit my slimy teeth, I was ready for them to come off. Everybody kept saying that it would be all worth it, but for the past 2 years I haven’t really felt that. With all the tightening of the brackets and long wires sticking out of my mouth, I am glad its over soon.

Everybody in the Orthodontists office are so sweet and kind. I am going to miss them when I don’t come back for monthly checkups. These long 2 years have been a journey… with Julie, Christi and Cher, this ones for you. I have noticed that every person that works there has wonderful smiles! They really are pearly whites. I mean… If a person with weird teeth were telling you how to take care of your teeth, it might throw me off a little.

On Tuesday the 17 I will be revealing what hopefully is a good smile. I hope it looks like what I’ve always imagined it would be:)


4 Responses to “Getting My Braces Off!”

  1. sophias4 says:

    Lucky I still have another year and a half:( Your gonna look great!

  2. juliaf4 says:

    Thank you! Your teeth are going to look so good!

  3. juliaf4 says:

    Thank you! Your teeth are going to look so wonderful!

  4. Mrs. Kriese says:

    I remember the day my daughter got her braces off. I still love seeing that perfect smile, and it’s been eight years since that last ortho visit!

    Good luck!

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