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Why A Big Family Is The Best!!

on February 2, 2017

 I have a huge family. I have 23 cousins,3 Aunts, 3 siblings,2 parents, 1 stepmom, 1 uncle, 6 grandparents and a partridge in a pear tree. Its more interesting that way!


One reason I love having a big family is because I always have people sending “Happy Birthday” cards and always want to know what you’re doing and see if they can help. Every year I get more Birthday cards than I can count. For instense, My Uncle Thomas is a world traveler,but he always seems to remember my birthday, my moms and my older sisters. Sometimes when I would get a tooth pulled my dad would take a picture and send it to the WHOLE family. I would get texts like “Did someone punch your tooth out?” Or “Mazal,Mazal” which means good things,good things. This is a jewish saying. If there is a “Happy Birthday” card or a congratulations from anyone then I would be just as happy!

Another reason I love a big family is because of the crazy big celebrations we have. Imagine a room with 1 dancing aunt,a piano player,a sushi bar, 2 cakes,3 dogs,8 couples and 2 sherly temples. My aunts live in Miami and they always have the best parties. Because there is so many of us, we always have a huge party with 2nd cousins, friends and sometimes random people.You can guarantee that there is going to be something going on!

If I had a small family it would be more quiet and suttle. I would live in tranquility and peace,but i love the life i live and wouldn’t want any other family.


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