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Spring Break:)

on February 9, 2017

In 7 weeks, I’m going to be hitting the waves, riding bikes and going on awesome tours. My sister and I are going to LA with my mom. I have never been there and I am so excited. Checking my calendar every week for the day to come!

I have heard wonderful things about LA. Good weather, amazing sites and lots to do. Spring Break always falls on my sisters birthday(San. Patricks Day)and I am glad that this year she gets to celebrate it in such a fun place. While we are in LA I really want to take a tour of Universal Studios! My mom did it last year and had the best time. We are also going to try to get into some talk shows there on the set. 

We are going to stay a little outside the city by the beach and boardwalk. Hopefully eat at cool restaurants too. I am looking forward to maybe seeing someone famous in LA. A lot of big names live there and it would be kinda weird,but amazing to see someone.When we are in La we are going to stay with my moms friend. She just moved there and has many places she wants to take us.

 Although I have very fare skin and I might look like a burnt tomato when I come back, It will be all worth it:) I have been to many places in Calofornia,but this is somewhere were I have always dreamed of going.  What better way to spend it then with my family?


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