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on April 5, 2017

  Spring. S. P. R . I. N. G. Sky blue. Peaceful. Renewing. Instant. New. Green. Spring comes in a flow of leaves and familiarity. It is the new beggining of the last nine weeks of school and that means SUMMER. Summer means sun,splashing,sand… But spring Is my favorite season.

  In my book, its the prettiest. With all of the flowers and crazy colors of the trees it just is sooo much different then all the rest of the seasons. In the fall the colors are mostly orange,brown and those neutral kind of colors. But in the spring it is all kinds of colors like purple,blue,green,red… The list goes on and on.Summer is awesome because we are out of school,but it gets VERY hot in Texas. That time of year and is not too enjoyable for me. Spring has nice weather and is mostly cool. Winter on the other hand is way to cold and it doesn’t leave a good environment for flowers and plants to grow. 

  Some people may think that summer is better because of the fun vacation we are given. I agree. But we also have Spring Break. I realize that spring break is only a week,but that’s all I need to catch up on my rest and head back to school. In spring, a lot after school activities rap up the last few practices until the last big game,recital or meet. Then, its kind of less stressful because the really hard part is mostly over. 

   Spring may not be everybody’s favorite. That’s fine. But please try to notice the beauty behind it all and hey almost summer, right.

3 Responses to “Spring”

  1. Mrs. Kriese says:

    I love spring, too. Austin seems to turn the greenest of greens almost over night!

  2. juliaf4 says:

    Now that I think about it… Austin is a beautiful place to witness the overpowering growth of every plant.

  3. katelyng5 says:

    This is amazing!!!! I love how you described all the colors of spring. I also love how you described all the details about why you think the other seasons aren’t as great as spring. And I do agree with you spring is the best!!


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