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Christmas Break

on May 1, 2017

During Christmas break, I stayed home for half of the time with my mom and sister and we went ice skating. We also went to fancy plays, the park and good restaurants. As we were being tourists in our hometown, we didn’t get much traffic( For Westlake), free days and a whole lot of sleeping. We had a wonderful Christmas and got to do some things that you can’t do during the regular school year routine. For Christmas I got some good stuff: like Lululemon dance clothes, soft blankets and a whole lot of gift cards. I am very happy with everything:)


For my second week of Christmas Break with my dad, sister, stepmother and younger siblings. We went to our house in The Florida Keys. It was much warmer than Austin. I went to the beach, and tried to find a hermit crab, so I could name it ” Bobby Joe Franklin”. I had no luck. This led me to name a Coconut instead… Anyways, For my younger sisters birthday (Zelda ) we went down to Key West( the Southern most part of The United States) and walked around the streets where there were shops, Henna Tattoo artists and Irish pubs. I got a Henna Tattoo that had a

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