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Nick’s Birthday Party

My little brother just turned 3 on October, 13. He is so young I’m not so sure if he knows it was his birthday. On his birthday we took him to the grocery store, party city and the playground. It was an EXCITING day.

2 days later we threw him a birthday party. There were streamers, balloons and a bounce house that we ordered. A total of 10 kids were there and they were very cute. I was in a situation where many kids would come up to me and ask if I can help them go to the potty. Of course I did it because who wants to see a sweet little kid fall into the depths of a scary toilet. I was the one that made the birthday cake! It was very choclaty and scrumptiously sweet. My sister Isabelle did the icing. I also made a corn salsa bean dip ( That Mrs. Perez gave us the recipe to ) and the adults loved it!

Overall it was a sensational party. I really hope my little brother and sister had a good time. Even though my little brother Nick might not no it’s his birthday or knows what to do on his birthday, I hope he remembers that we had a bounce house!



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