Julia's Jumbling Words

welcome to my blog!

Wake-Up Routine

I’m finding myself in a sticky situation! In the mornings my little brother and sister wake me up. My legs sprawled at different sides of the bed and my bed head to frizzy and big to see my tired face. This is a perfect time pounce on unconcious and unaware Julia. My siblings run and jump onto the bed as if its a bouncy house! My brother biting my toes, my little sister is screaming in my ear ” Get Up!! Are you alive?” And that’s when I realize I’m blessed I don’t have a normal family.


Every morning I am serenaded with the musical stylings of Zelda Nola Franco and her broken ucalaly. I’m bombarded with questions like ” Julia do you have any headbands I can borrow”, by my older sister Isabelle. I drag my feet up the stairs after I have pulled on my clothes. Gladly find my dad asking which tie looks better to my stepmom. As I walk on the cold floor I stare at ┬áthe foggy mist clear to see through our sliding windows tellling me its barely morning. After I eat my breakfast and brush my teeth, I help my little sister pick out her out fit for preschool and watch my brother try to put his light up sneakers on his ears… Yes, that’s a normal activity!


After all 4 kids are dressed, fed and ready ,we go on our separate ways. Going to school, preschool or Westlake HIghschool. At the end of our hectic days working our pencils to the max, we come back to what is familiar. The vines that welcome us to the warm house and the toys layed across in different places. That’s what I call home. After all the madness is over,we start again the next morning.


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