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Spring Break:)

In 7 weeks, I’m going to be hitting the waves, riding bikes and going on awesome tours. My sister and I are going to LA with my mom. I have never been there and I am so excited. Checking my calendar every week for the day to come!

I have heard wonderful things about LA. Good weather, amazing sites and lots to do. Spring Break always falls on my sisters birthday(San. Patricks Day)and I am glad that this year she gets to celebrate it in such a fun place. While we are in LA I really want to take a tour of Universal Studios! My mom did it last year and had the best time. We are also going to try to get into some talk shows there on the set. 

We are going to stay a little outside the city by the beach and boardwalk. Hopefully eat at cool restaurants too. I am looking forward to maybe seeing someone famous in LA. A lot of big names live there and it would be kinda weird,but amazing to see someone.When we are in La we are going to stay with my moms friend. She just moved there and has many places she wants to take us.

 Although I have very fare skin and I might look like a burnt tomato when I come back, It will be all worth it:) I have been to many places in Calofornia,but this is somewhere were I have always dreamed of going.  What better way to spend it then with my family?


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Why A Big Family Is The Best!!

 I have a huge family. I have 23 cousins,3 Aunts, 3 siblings,2 parents, 1 stepmom, 1 uncle, 6 grandparents and a partridge in a pear tree. Its more interesting that way!


One reason I love having a big family is because I always have people sending “Happy Birthday” cards and always want to know what you’re doing and see if they can help. Every year I get more Birthday cards than I can count. For instense, My Uncle Thomas is a world traveler,but he always seems to remember my birthday, my moms and my older sisters. Sometimes when I would get a tooth pulled my dad would take a picture and send it to the WHOLE family. I would get texts like “Did someone punch your tooth out?” Or “Mazal,Mazal” which means good things,good things. This is a jewish saying. If there is a “Happy Birthday” card or a congratulations from anyone then I would be just as happy!

Another reason I love a big family is because of the crazy big celebrations we have. Imagine a room with 1 dancing aunt,a piano player,a sushi bar, 2 cakes,3 dogs,8 couples and 2 sherly temples. My aunts live in Miami and they always have the best parties. Because there is so many of us, we always have a huge party with 2nd cousins, friends and sometimes random people.You can guarantee that there is going to be something going on!

If I had a small family it would be more quiet and suttle. I would live in tranquility and peace,but i love the life i live and wouldn’t want any other family.


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Texas Longhorns vs. Oklahoma Sooners

 On monday, January 23, I went to the basketball game Texas vs. Oklahoma sooners. Texas and the Sooners have always been rivals and I was excited about this game. Even though we aren’t doing so well this season, I had a sneaky feeling that we would win. Hopefully break the losing streak.

It was a normal game the first half. Crazy shirtless painted college students yelling and waving. Cameras turned on the sweaty players. When we were up by 9 points, it looked like we were doing pretty well. But because we’ve lost all of the close games, it wasn’t as fired up as some of the games have been. That was until the last couple minutes the Sooners were making a comeback and were getting rebounds, shooting three point shots and making free throws.

By the last 20 seconds me and my dad left to go back home. We were down by 4 and the Oklahoma Sooners were making free throws. It was over… or so we thought. As we were in the car, my dad turned on the radio and the announcer was beaming ” The lONGHORNS win a suprising victory 83-84 and they broke the streak!” We kept on listening and it turns out that Andrew Jones made 2, 3 pointer shots in the last 12 seconds of the game.

 I am really glad I went with my dad. We had alot of fun and it was just alot of fun to watch! I hope to go to another Texas game just ike this one very soon.

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Christmas Tree’s and The Suprising Cool Breeze

  This past Thursday, I went to Papa Noel. There they have a variety of well crafted Christmas Trees that I pick from every year. It’s always something I cherish around Christmas time. Getting the right tree for your house is important. Not to big or to small. Before you put the  glittery ornaments and long ribbons on the tree, you might want to get a good one first. Here are some things you should look for if you’re wanting the perfect Christmas Tree:


The Christmas Tree Guidelines:

FIRST: You have to keep in mind that you do certainly have a roof and pick the write length for that measurement.

SECOND: Get that good smelling Christmas Tree perfume for your house.

THIRD: Make sure you have someone to help you get the Christmas Tree of the car. You don’t want to be attcked… Like  I was.

FOURTH: Check to be sure that your Christmas Tree is indeed on your car in the first place. You don’t want to have your 6 foot Tree in the middle of the Highway.

These are all suggestions and you could have a Christmas Tree through your roof if that’s your way of a happy holiday season. For Christmas is 24 days away and people are already bundeling up for the 39 degree weather! Im glad it is finally getting cold, and I dont have to force the scarfs and hats on the sweaty 80 degrees!I hope everyone has a Happy Holiday and a Radical Hanukkah. Thank you for reading my blog post!


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Wake-Up Routine

I’m finding myself in a sticky situation! In the mornings my little brother and sister wake me up. My legs sprawled at different sides of the bed and my bed head to frizzy and big to see my tired face. This is a perfect time pounce on unconcious and unaware Julia. My siblings run and jump onto the bed as if its a bouncy house! My brother biting my toes, my little sister is screaming in my ear ” Get Up!! Are you alive?” And that’s when I realize I’m blessed I don’t have a normal family.


Every morning I am serenaded with the musical stylings of Zelda Nola Franco and her broken ucalaly. I’m bombarded with questions like ” Julia do you have any headbands I can borrow”, by my older sister Isabelle. I drag my feet up the stairs after I have pulled on my clothes. Gladly find my dad asking which tie looks better to my stepmom. As I walk on the cold floor I stare at  the foggy mist clear to see through our sliding windows tellling me its barely morning. After I eat my breakfast and brush my teeth, I help my little sister pick out her out fit for preschool and watch my brother try to put his light up sneakers on his ears… Yes, that’s a normal activity!


After all 4 kids are dressed, fed and ready ,we go on our separate ways. Going to school, preschool or Westlake HIghschool. At the end of our hectic days working our pencils to the max, we come back to what is familiar. The vines that welcome us to the warm house and the toys layed across in different places. That’s what I call home. After all the madness is over,we start again the next morning.


Christmas Time!!

Although it is not even close to Thanksgiving, and the weather is still at 80 degrees. I’m so excited for Christmas Time! In my opinion Christmas time is when all the great Hallmark movies come out and its when I can finally where a sweater. Here in Texas you don’t get many chances to wear a fleece sweater. It’s also when you get the chance to get off school early snd go see your family for some Christmas celebrations.

This Christmas I am going to Florida to see my family there for the New Years. We will all be together to celebrate Hanukkah! (I am writing about Christmas even though I celebrate Hanukkah, so it’s a little confusing! Sorry about that) Before Christmas I’m going somewhere nice with my mom, but we haven’t decided just yet.

I would consider myself a pretty lucky kid because I get to be with my mom and dad on Christmas even when there divorced. I’m very happy because they are both good people to be around the holidays. My mom is always making yummy fall dishes & playing Christmas music while me and my sister study. My stepmom and dad bake and also cooking up a storm so if we needed to hibernate like bears do when it gets to cold( cold in Austin would be 70 degrees) we could! 

Even after a couple days have past since Christmas , I always count down the days till next year. I would love to hear about your favorite Christmas celebrations. If your the person reading this and thinking “Wow! Thanksgiving isn’t even super close and she’s talking about Christmas!”. I completely understand. If you want to forget about this whole Christmas blog post and pretend it’s a blog post about Thanksgiving…be my guest! I am then going to “Germany” and hanging with ” Hansel and Gretel” while eating a turkey out of a “talking trees hands”( the quotations mean I’m just totally making this up as I’m looking at a wall ). Thank you for reading my blog and a Happy Christmas countdown : 53 days left!


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Nick’s Birthday Party

My little brother just turned 3 on October, 13. He is so young I’m not so sure if he knows it was his birthday. On his birthday we took him to the grocery store, party city and the playground. It was an EXCITING day.

2 days later we threw him a birthday party. There were streamers, balloons and a bounce house that we ordered. A total of 10 kids were there and they were very cute. I was in a situation where many kids would come up to me and ask if I can help them go to the potty. Of course I did it because who wants to see a sweet little kid fall into the depths of a scary toilet. I was the one that made the birthday cake! It was very choclaty and scrumptiously sweet. My sister Isabelle did the icing. I also made a corn salsa bean dip ( That Mrs. Perez gave us the recipe to ) and the adults loved it!

Overall it was a sensational party. I really hope my little brother and sister had a good time. Even though my little brother Nick might not no it’s his birthday or knows what to do on his birthday, I hope he remembers that we had a bounce house!



Happy Rash Hashanah!

On October, 2 ,2016, History was made…

I’m just kidding. It was Rash Hashannah! My family had a very nice dinner and made Noodle Koogle, Green Bean Cassorole and many other delicious treats. Noodle Koogle is a pasta desert… Yes, Pasta. It has cinnamon, sugar and pecans. The perfect combination. Very sweet and savory I would say.

Oh, I almost forgot. Your probably thinking, Rashashooboo? What in the world is that. Well, it is a Jewish holiday celebrating the New Year. We say prayers and blessing to do with the gift of bread and wine. It was a lot of fun! Family friends get together to say what they would like for the next year and what they liked about the last. It is a lot like our New Year celebration, but we do many others rituals as well. We also eat apples and honey to symbolize a sweet New Year to come. I had a great time this weekend celebrating with my family. What are some things that you celebrate at your home?



Babysitting Bedtime Stories

Have you ever babysat a little kid? Have you ever been stepped on and sit on by a little tiny human being? I babysit my little brother Nick and my little sister Zelda all the time. I really do enjoy it. But those little rascals don’t mess around. It’s a full time job, but I sure wouldn’t trade spending time with them. I am so glad to have my older sister Isabelle to help me babysit, she is a great co-partner in this heavy business. Now that I think about it we should open a company of our own…I can see it now, “Isabelle and Julia’s Fiasco House”….hhhmmmm. I don’t think I can describe this experience in just one blog post.

I can’t just stop there though, That’s not a full story.

Alright you cracked the code. I’ll spill the beans… Anyways I made Mac and Cheese for them and it was very exillerating. As exillerating as can be when making Mac and Cheese. We watched 2 episodes of        “Jake and the Neverland Pirates” and we took them to bed. The rest was pretty much a big blurry picture, with many animal crackers. I loved to babysit them because there very fun and VERY adorable. If you ever want to babysit kids, I highly encourage you to do so. In fact here are some helpful tips when you navigate around the crazy world of a babysitting:

Helpful Hints to babysitting:







As you see a lot of things will be flown at you or the walls. I would expect the most unexpected, if I were you. Well, I hope if you ever do decide or have already babysat a kid you’ll have a great time. I sure did.



Last Summer…

Last summer I went to Sweden. I had a blast, it was a great way to spend time with my family away from the school year.

When I went to Sweden with my mom and my sister we went to the cities Stockholm and Gothenburg. We took Trains, Planes and Automobiles all around Sweden. It was so so nice there. We took Boat trips and tours of The Stockholm Palace. In Gothenburg we got to meet up with my Uncle Thomas. I haven’t seen him in a couple years now, it was really fun to see him again. When we were in Stockholm, we rented bicycles and rode around the town… We barely took a taxi. We also met up with my grandparents, Mormor and Morfar which means Grandma and Grandpa in Swedish and my moms friend Eva. We went to Grona lond, an Amusement Park in Stockholm and an Amusement Park in Gothenburg called Liese Burg. In all we stayed in Sweden for about 2 weeks and it was spectacular. I am so glad my mom took me there. I look forward to going again soon!



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