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Happy Rash Hashanah!

On October, 2 ,2016, History was made…

I’m just kidding. It was Rash Hashannah! My family had a very nice dinner and made Noodle Koogle, Green Bean Cassorole and many other delicious treats. Noodle Koogle is a pasta desert… Yes, Pasta. It has cinnamon, sugar and pecans. The perfect combination. Very sweet and savory I would say.

Oh, I almost forgot. Your probably thinking, Rashashooboo? What in the world is that. Well, it is a Jewish holiday celebrating the New Year. We say prayers and blessing to do with the gift of bread and wine. It was a lot of fun! Family friends get together to say what they would like for the next year and what they liked about the last. It is a lot like our New Year celebration, but we do many others rituals as well. We also eat apples and honey to symbolize a sweet New Year to come. I had a great time this weekend celebrating with my family. What are some things that you celebrate at your home?



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