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Roller Coasters Poem

Rolloer Coasters Poem

                                 up, down all around 

twisting turning stomach lurching 

strapped for safety stable hasty

arms flying adrenaline pumping

              screeching wheels hearing squeals  

                    daunting drops and to many pops

                    head fling forward the ride is over

             are you ready to get on this roller coaster?


Author’s Note:

  I wrote this poem because all Choir,Band and Orchestra kids went on a all day field trip to a completion and then Six Flags,an amusement park in San Antonio. It was super duper fun and I loved the thrill of the roller coasters I went on. I had the pleasure of riding on the Batman,Iron Raddler, Road Runner and also some of the other white water rafting rides. I wish I could’ve Superman and the Goliath…





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