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Summer Plans

  Summer is coming up and I am very excited. More flowers are blooming,but will soon be dried out by 100 degree heat. Us seventh graders are going into 8th grade. Summers are fun,free and inviting and I can’t wait.

  This summer I am going to have a lot of fun. I’m going to go to the Florida Keys with my dad,sister,stepmom,little brother,and other sister. We are going to stay there for 3 weeks! We are going to stay on the second chain of keys from shore, Islamorada. It is soooo pretty their. While we are their me,my uncle and my sister are all going to learn how to scuba dive. I am looking forward to it because whenever I am snorkeling I tend to enjoy going down to the deepest part of the reef rather than staying on the top of the water so, this way I will be able to stay down longer and see all the pretty fish and marine wildlife.

With my mom we are thinking about going to somewhere in Europe. It is up in the air right now,but I am sure that anything we do will be an adventure. I am also going to take a self-defense class more earlier in the summer with my stepmom. It was something I came up with that I’ve never done before and sounds like it could be a good thing to do in the summer time because my schedule is opening up. That should be interesting… 

Overall it is shaping up to look like a really excellent 3 months and I hope that everyone else has a great summer too!


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Last Summer…

Last summer I went to Sweden. I had a blast, it was a great way to spend time with my family away from the school year.

When I went to Sweden with my mom and my sister we went to the cities Stockholm and Gothenburg. We took Trains, Planes and Automobiles all around Sweden. It was so so nice there. We took Boat trips and tours of The Stockholm Palace. In Gothenburg we got to meet up with my Uncle Thomas. I haven’t seen him in a couple years now, it was really fun to see him again. When we were in Stockholm, we rented bicycles and rode around the town… We barely took a taxi. We also met up with my grandparents, Mormor and Morfar which means Grandma and Grandpa in Swedish and my moms friend Eva. We went to Grona lond, an Amusement Park in Stockholm and an Amusement Park in Gothenburg called Liese Burg. In all we stayed in Sweden for about 2 weeks and it was spectacular. I am so glad my mom took me there. I look forward to going again soon!



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