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Texas Longhorns vs. Oklahoma Sooners

 On monday, January 23, I went to the basketball game Texas vs. Oklahoma sooners. Texas and the Sooners have always been rivals and I was excited about this game. Even though we aren’t doing so well this season, I had a sneaky feeling that we would win. Hopefully break the losing streak.

It was a normal game the first half. Crazy shirtless painted college students yelling and waving. Cameras turned on the sweaty players. When we were up by 9 points, it looked like we were doing pretty well. But because we’ve lost all of the close games, it wasn’t as fired up as some of the games have been. That was until the last couple minutes the Sooners were making a comeback and were getting rebounds, shooting three point shots and making free throws.

By the last 20 seconds me and my dad left to go back home. We were down by 4 and the Oklahoma Sooners were making free throws. It was over… or so we thought. As we were in the car, my dad turned on the radio and the announcer was beaming ” The lONGHORNS win a suprising victory 83-84 and they broke the streak!” We kept on listening and it turns out that Andrew Jones made 2, 3 pointer shots in the last 12 seconds of the game.

 I am really glad I went with my dad. We had alot of fun and it was just alot of fun to watch! I hope to go to another Texas game just ike this one very soon.

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