Summer ☀️

I am so excited for summer! I love it because I don’t feel rushed getting up every morning for school, there is no homework, and you can just sit back and relax. I also enjoy swimming in my backyard everyday because of the heat in Texas is incredibly hot.

In July, I am going to Langley in Washington state. My family goes every year and stays at a nice house. It has: A gorgeous view of the mountains and water, acres of land to run around in, and many cute shops only 5 minutes away. One of my favorite places to go is the Chocolate Farm down the street. Because I’m obsessed with chocolate, this place has always been a favorite one of mine. There are a lot of trails to explore and beaches too. Sometimes, we go up to Canada and explore around there. I’m thrilled to go on vacation!

I’m counting down the days until summer. It has been a fun year, but I’m ready for summer!

A Change

The sun rose above her patio. A new day, a new beginning. Lilly always got up early to feed her German Sheperd puppy, Maple. Her town was small, simple but she was used to it. She took a walk to the cherry blossom trees that bloomed behind her house. It was her own private sanctuary–flowers, vines, small trees.

Lily hears shouts from many familiar people. She sees bright flames of fire across the land. She slowly turned around to see a not pretty sight of a burning house and people yelling and screaming. Her own house. Oh no.

She finds herself sprawled across the car seat in the back. She must have fallen asleep. Her body felt numb and weak from sitting in the car so long. She eventually falls asleep listening to the raindrops fall.

Fear overwhelms her body. Her eyes are shut close but she can feel the cool air on her face. Her mom’s eyes are cold and Our home isn’t safe anymore, bad people had broken out all across town burning everything. Her family was forced to leave before their house was reached, she was so lucky to be safe. She did not expect all of this to happen in one day. Lily sees a cherry blossom tree that had lost all it’s leaves. Just like the one she saw behind her house.

A new day, a new beginning.



The Storm

Ella was scared.

The dark clouds grew dark and covered her windows with shadows. She was alone at her home while her mom picked up her younger brother Tommy from pre-school. She was aware that it might drizzle. But this was no drizzle of rain.

She was constantly checking her watch for when her beloved family would come home with warm fresh dinner. She was brought back to reality as lightning strikes, thunder shakes the house with rage, rain cries against her tall window frame. It felt like hours until the storm stopped. Finally, the sun breaks through the tiny slit in the sky and shines bright. Ella catches something in her eyes. Streaks of red, orange, yellow, green, indigo and violet shoot across the sky. It was the most beautiful rainbow she had ever seen.

Her family eventually came home. Turns out they were on the other side of the rain, so only her area of town got the big storm.

After every dark sky, every bit of cold harsh weather, there is light. There is a peek of light through the clouds, carried with hope and love. Ella realizes to not be afraid, to not be scared.

Spring Break ?

I am really looking forward to spring break! It’s a week where you can finally sit back and relax.

A reason I am excited is because I’m going to Florida with my family for a week. The house is very close to the beach, so there will be gorgeous views and sunsets to watch. There is also many things to do in town and nice restraunts around where I’m staying.

Another reason for why I am excited is because I can sleep in if I want to, and won’t have to spend my week studying for tests or doing homework. It’s more of an escape which is why I like it.

I think it’s okay to have a small break from school, people might feel refreshed and more focused when coming back. I can’t wait!


Laughter Is Important

Laughter is important. It bring out the best in people not just mentally, but physically too. It’s a beautiful thing that everyone does when something seems funny or you’re happy.

A reason for why laughter is important it that it helps the brain. It is good for the body and brain because it increases endorphins which are feel-good chemicals. Other benefits include: joy, and relief. Sometimes what people find is it’s better to laugh something off then keep all the stress inside.

There has been times when laughing has made the situation better for me. I was stressed about taking a big test, so instead of feeling anxious about it, I surrounded myself with family and took many breaks while studying. Even if someone says something that isn’t even that funny, I still find myself laughing at it. It always makes me feel better and less alone in a situation.

Laughing is reassuring and stress-relieving. It puts you and the other people around you in a better mood. It’s okay to feel happy about something or laugh about something fun. At times it’s the stressful moments where you want to laugh. So even if it seems impossible– fill yourself with laughter and joy.

What I Think About Glasses

Having to put things in your eyes, to wear frames on your face eventually gets old.

A reason it might be annoying at times is sometimes you forget to put in your contacts, and you go to the movies not being able to see the film. Of course, having contacts is very helpful if you don’t want to wear glasses. In addition, glasses hurt your nose. Not all type of glasses but the ones that have nose pads on the side. Yeah THOSE. They’re really cute until 2 years later. The moment you take them off you get used to thinking they’re supposed to be on your face.

I honestly like both though, and usually balance them out. If my eyes are irritated I wear glasses, if they feel fine and I don’t need them then I wear contacts.

But I’m glad I have something to wear or put in. Thank goodness for the technology we have today so I can see the world more clearly.

Feels Like Spring

It’s amazing how January went by so fast. It’s almost February, which I am very excited for.

The only bad thing about this time of year is when the allergies come out. Yeah. Every year I have to put up with the 100 Juniper trees (or Cedar trees) that live around my house. I am very allergic to Cedar and other grasses, so it’s a problem. I have a really big thing for flowers. I love to see bluebonnets and walk on the trails in my neighborhood to see the blooming flowers. I’ll be honest though, it already feels like spring. It’s barely been cold besides a couple cold fronts.

Everything wakes up in spring. Plants grows, flowers and trees blossom. It’s quite lovely ?



Ice Skating ⛸

Over the winter break, I went ice skating with close friends. I love not just ice skating, but also roller blading. I’m not good at either of them, but falling on ice is more painful then just a floor. I’ve gone a couple times before to Chaparral Ice which includes a couple of other ice sports as well.

Whenever the Winter Olympics was broadcasting figure skating in 2014, I was immediately drawn to the graceful yet passionate dance. It’s one of those things where you can’t take your eyes off the person. Watching people skate inspires me to try it.

I’m not considering to do it seriously, but it’s always a really fun thing to try once in a while.

Winter Break ❄️⛄️

On December 17, I’m going to New Mexico!  I’m going to be staying there for 4 days. I’ve been to Santa Fe before and it’s a great place to visit if you are in New Mexico. Over the break, my family is also coming to visit for Christmas which I’m really excited for.

If you didn’t already know, I absolutely love Christmas. As much as I love the tradition of recieving presents from family, I’m probably going to be giving more to charity this year. I feel good doing that, because I believe that giving is better than recieving.

If I had to get something for Christmas, I would want acres of land so I could buy animals and could own a farm. Of course, that won’t happen but that would be a Christmas miracle.

What do you want for Christmas??



This is a poem I did in class. Hope you like it!

This is my other home

Deer run through the alluring grass,

Acorns glide through the chilled breeze

I lay on the window seat as the sky turns a deep violet

Singing and laughter fill the house with love

The light blue sea and powdery mountains overlook the sky

The gravel path leads down the road

Where my favorite chocolate farm blooms and grows.

Rain stains the old silver windows

Each room holds a history of its own





All of the songs and blissful moments,

Happens in my other home

This poem inspires me to go back to where this took place, on my vacation. I selected this topic because I go to this house almost every summer in Langley, Washington. I hope the reader can feel what it was like to be there. In process of writing this poem, I learned what it’s like to write poems, and the imagery and feel of a poem.