Julia Ward-Mulligan Fenrir



    I tested the weight of the steel blade against my hand. It felt colder, more brutal than other swords I’d held. I just hoped that it would do the trick against the monster I had been sent to finish.


    The trek up the mountain face toward where Fenrir lay was proving exhausting. I could barely keep my eyes open as I neared the top. From there, I was able to witness the sheer volume and strength of the monstrous wolf.


    Fenrir lay chained to a boulder, not a hundred yards away. He looked as though he could obliterate an entire village with a single breath, had he not been worn out from tugging on the dwarven chains encircling his body. He looked hopeless. I felt horrible for a split second, until I remembered what I came here to do.


    I creeped toward Fenrir, skulking around his enormous, bushy tail once I reached him. i couldn’t be sure that he was truly asleep, so I walked as fast as I could silently. Just as I unsheathed the sword, he stirred. His keen ears twitched toward where I stood. Quick as the blink of an eye, I plunged the sword into his side. I felt victorious for a moment, until I realized that I hadn’t struck his flesh; it had struck the chains holding him captive! I moved to make another blow, but before I could, Fenrir roared in triumph, shaking the entire mountain range. Suddenly, the earth opened up underneath us, and we fell into the ground.


    I came to. Where was I? I surveyed my surroundings. I was in a fiery cave, with a pit located at the center filled with yet more flames. Then, I heard a growl.


    I whipped around. There, behind me, was Fenrir.

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