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ISR book

The title of my book is called Ghost written by Jason Reynolds. The book is about a teenager named Castle. He has a lot of struggles in his life. Him and his mom live together his dad is in prison for trying to shoot him and his mom. His mom works at a cafeteria at a local hospital. They don’t make a lot of money. Castle is on a track team before he was on the track team he didn’t run. He found out he was fast when he was under pressure. He gets into a lot of trouble in school. If he gets in trouble and his mom finds out then he is off the track team. So he had to not get in anymore trouble.


I love to play football it’s One of my favorite sports. I play for my middle school team West Ridge Middle School. I play Wide receiver and I’m defense I play line backer and defense of line man. My fav riots  profession  Football team is the Dallas Cowboys.



Basketball Highlights

This video is about my favorite NBA player Kevin Durant. I love to play basketball and I love to watch him he reminds me of me because his arms are long and legs and his jump shot is just like mine.  If you like this video check out this video too click here for more.