Football is my other favorite activity besides playing Fortnite. My favorite NFL team is the Cowboys. My favorite college teams are SMU and the Oklahoma Sooners. Today we have a game against LTMS. Hopefully we can stay undefeated.

Book Post

My book is called The Batboy by Mike Lupica. It is about Brian Dudley being the batboy for his favorite team the Detroit Tigers. He has loved baseball since he was little, and when his dad left when he was 8 all he thought about was baseball. At first he thought that batboy would be Read More…

My Favorite Activity

This video relates to me because I have learned stuff from watching Ninja. Ninja has taught me what to do and what not to do when fighting. He has also taught me what weapons to use in which situation. If you want to learn more go to this site.

🏈 Game

9/11/2018 Yesterday we had a football game. We played against  SSMS.  We won 37-0. I played about 25 of the 28 minuets.  I missed a couple blocks and missed a tackle. I had 2 bad PAT snaps but other than that I had a good game.