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ONE more Joke of The Day

Hey guys, I decided that I’m going to add one more last post in a while.


What is a banana’s favorite letter?


K. (Think scientifically)



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Hey guys. You know that I have been writing for a long time now. I think that it’s probably time for me to take a break from writing. You guys might not be hearing from me that often anymore. Just keep an eye out! Don’t forget to laugh everyday! See ya!

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Coming Back from Six Flags

Hey guys. In my last post, I talked about going to Six Flags. Well, I’m back and I’m going to tell all about it…

Like I said in my last post, the hardest thing to do was to wake up a 4 am. Well, it wasn’t too hard to do that this year for some reason. When I got onto the bus, I wanted to take a nap, but it was so hard because partially almost everyone was talking and there was a movie playing. When we got to the high school, we unpacked and went to the warm-up room. Finally, it was our turn to play. We quickly played through our pieces. At the end, I felt like we did well. After playing, we got changed and went to Six Flags.

We arrived and we got a quick briefing from our director and we dispersed into the park. My group consisted of 5 people: Bubby, Austin, Steven William, and me. We first rode the Goliath. I rode it with Austin and William as our “warm-up” ride. Bubby and Steven thought it was really hard, so that’s why they didn’t ride it. Next, we all rode Bugs’ White Water Rapids 2 times. After that, we all rode the Road Runner Express once. After that, Austin, William, and me decided that we needed to challenge ourselves and we rode the Iron Rattler. It was such an amazing ride! After riding 5 roller coasters, we accidentally split up and William and I went to go eat lunch at a pizzeria.

After we ate lunch, William and I went on the Gully Washer. After that, we went to the Superman Krypton Coaster. William was too afraid to go on it, so I went on it by myself. It was so fun that I rode it 2 times! I told William that I was going to the Boomerang. He said okay, but he was going to go do something else. I finished riding the coaster and I immediately went to the Batman. Then, I got too tired and I returned back to my director. I just stayed in some AC and I played with my friends and ate dinner. My original plan was to ride the Poltergeist, but I got too tired. Finally, we left Six Flags.

We got back to school at around 8 at night. I arrived back at my house at around 8:30.

This time, I conquered the Iron Rattler. Next time, I’m going on it again.

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Six Flags

Hi guys! I’m so excited for next week because I’m going to Six Flags , Fiesta Texas. Every year, orchestra kids get to go to Six Flags. It’s a half-competition and half-field trip. Last year, I went there and it was awesome. I’m going to tell you all about it.

First, he had to do the really, really hard thing: waking up at 4:00!! After that, we got dressed and went to the buses to go to the place we were going to perform at. Finally, we arrived at the high school and played our pieces. We ended up doing an excellent job. We placed #1 against the middle schools who competed. We got around 3 huge trophies.

Finally, it was the time. We were heading towards Six Flags! I quickly got changed on the bus and then waited for everyone else. After about 10 minutes, we were on our way. On the ride, we were congratulated by the director and I played cards with the person sitting next to me. After the really boring ride, we arrived! Our director told us some information like lunch is on your own, dinner is on your own, and we need to check in as a group at Sangerfest Hall. Then, we were released into the park.

I decided to start off on easy roller coasters and end with like Superman or something hard. By lunch, my friends and I have already rode about 5 rides. After lunch was when I was going to challenge myself. Soon, I was on the Superman. The line wasn’t too long, but not short. When I got there, I found many of my classmates going on it. I asked them if that was their first time going on it. One response was, ” This is my 5th time!” I tried it and it was awesome! Sadly, after a couple more rides, we had to leave.

This year, I’m going to challenge myself to go on all of these rides. I may not accomplish that, but I will try.




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GT Project

So, in my last post, I mentioned about my GT project. Well, I’m going to tell you about it. My teammates are Austin(my brother) and Daniel. Our GT project is going to be about seeing which bridge is the strongest: truss, suspension, or arch.

The materials we used for the bridge building is not a lot. We used balsawood, glue, 1 styrofoam board, tacks, and wax paper. We used balsawood because it it very bendy and it can hold a lot a weight. The styrofoam board is what we will be working on, the tacks are to hold them in place, and finally the wax paper is for the glue so that your bridge doesn’t stick to the board.

It is also very easy to build them. First, you need to pin your wax paper to the styrofoam board. Then, you need to cut your balsawood into small pieces with slants on each side so that way the wood can line up correctly. After doing that, you need to arrange them onto your wax paper and pin them into place, but don’t poke through the wood, put the tack next to it. Finally, you can glue it together and let it dry for about a day.   The next day, you can use a knife or something else to remove the half bridge off the wax paper. Repeat this process again and soon you will have the 2 sides of your bridge. The last step you need to do is connect the 2 sides with more small wood connectors, but this time make them flat on each side. Glue it and let it dry and then you got yourself a bridge.

The progress we had made is at the second part of one of the truss bridges. We plan to make 3 of each bridge. We assigned each of us some jobs. I was going to cut the wood that Daniel marked on the wooden stick and Austin pinned it into the board.

What we still need to do is make the arch bridges by soaking the wood sticks in water for about 15 minutes. Then, we can slowly start to bend the stick by rubbing it on a hot lightbulb and adding a little pressure to both ends. Then, we will make the suspension bridges.

We think that we would be very successful, but we will need to work very hard.

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Spring Break

Hey guys, so it’s almost spring break and I’m very excited about it. Though, I’m going to practice a lot of piano and I’m not going anywhere, I am still very excited about it.

The first reason that I’m excited is that there’s no school. This means that I’m not going to have a lot of stress on me. I might be able to get to sleep earlier and have more time to practice my piano. I’m also going to get to finish up our GT project. (I might tell you about that in another post.) We possibly might able to go out of town, but not out of the state on an airplane.

The second reason why that I’m excited is that I get to sleep in. Usually on school days, I sleep at like 10:30 p.m and wake up at 7:15 a.m and I am sometimes tired in the day. On breaks, I get to sleep until 9:30 in the morning, but still sleep at 10. On the other hand, this can also be a bad thing because on Presidents Day– I hope that my mom or dad isn’t reading this part– I slept without the alarm on and I forgot to wake up. Luckily, my dad called and we woke up around 12 p.m.

Although we won’t be doing anything fun over the break, I am still very excited. Sometimes, a break has to be a break.


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A Day in the Life of Bill the Oxygen Molecule

Hey guys! So the past few weeks, we learned about the respiratory system in science. We had to do a project on it so, I wrote a little passage on the system. Here it is!


I was floating around in a room populated by a family with a friend of mine. We were minding our own business when all of a sudden, someone breathed us in and started on our journey.

We entered up the nostrils where we got cleaned with little hairs. Then, we went into the nasal cavity where we got warmed up. Soon, we plunged down into the darkness of the pharynx. I heard that many people called this the throat. We got into the trachea which I heard was also called the windpipe. We came across a split in the trachea and ended up on the right side into the bronchi, then to the secondary bronchi, and then the bronchioles until we arrived at the alveoli where we waited for the next ride.

Finally, it came… it was a big circular disk which told us to get on him because he said that he had some very comfortable hemoglobin to lay on. Finally, we arrived in the heart. We entered the left atrium and got squeezed into the left ventricle and we headed towards the aorta. It sent us to the upper body.

After a couple of minutes, I realized that we just arrived in the brain. We both got off there and said goodbye to our hemoglobin friend. Soon, we got into the cell and we both got broken apart. I was sent to a cell organelle called the mitochondria where cellular respiration happened I was bonded to two oxygen molecules and became water.

Soon, I got another ride on a hemoglobin friend who sent me back to the heart, but this time, I entered through the right atrium, got squeezed into the right ventricle and got back to the alveoli. We flowed back up the bronchioles, then to the secondary bronchi, and finally thebronchi. Following that, we went to the trachea, and then the pharynx, to the nasal cavity, and right out the nostrils.

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Orchestra Stinks

“Too high!” “Too low!” “Get the note right!” Do you want to get pushed around like that? I don’t think so.

To begin with, I think that my West Ridge Middle School orchestra makes me feel uncomfortable. 2 months ago, I was still playing with my 3/4 size violin. At that time, I was pretty comfortable with it, but my private teacher and director kept asking me, ” Hey, Justin! Where’s your full-size violin?” evey single day, until I finally started to use it. It was like I was being forced to change into something I didn’t like, but don’t worry, I got used to it.

Another reason I dread orchestra is that we move too slow. Once they give us the music, it’s like 1 page long and I could sight read all of it in 5 minutes or less! Also, we have to divide it into different, very small, sections. We are currently learning music for our next competition and concert and I even thought that it was the sight reading music! They said it wasn’t and it was supposed to be very “hard” and we’ll get other easier music for the actual sight reading. It’s just too slow for me!

Next time, I choose a Fine art, I won’t choose orchestra for a lot of reasons. Instead, you can find me doing something that I love to do.


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Review of My Winter Break Cont…

So, the last time I left off, my winter break was okay. Now, we were going to the Guadalupe Mountains.

We got to stay in a hotel for one more night. The next morning we found our friends that we were going to go hiking with and drove off. Keep in mind that it was around 8 in the morning.

Finally, we got there. The first thing you could see was the mountain that we were about to climb. I heard many rumors that it would take 8 hours round trip. Soon, we got the information and started to climb. It started off nice and smooth.

It was still morning and you could see the clouds surrounding the mountains. Then, we got a “checkpoint” a sign saying that there wasn’t anymore livestock beyond that point. At that point we were already in the clouds. After hiking about 20 more minutes, we were above the clouds and we got a great view. We took many pictures of it, but that wasn’t the best. We had already been hiking for about 1 and a half hours now. We made it to the top of that mountain thinking that we already made it. I was so happy because I was already really tired. Curious, I asked some people coming down. They said that we got like 2 more miles to go. I went from overjoyed and excited into just sad and helpless.

It was about noon and we had a “snack lunch”. It was yogurt, rice rolls, and egg rolls. I know, absolutely terrible. We had a couple mountains left to go. On the 2nd, I just couldn’t take it anymore. I was really, really, really annoyed. Then, my mom came up with a really dumb thing to do: Tell a story in a weird way. That just made me even more annoyed. Then, I had no choice but to break down. Angered by the story and the hike, I ran back a couple meters before my dad got me and talked me into going back to the hike, the hard way.

It was already like 2 in the afternoon before we finally got to the top. The wind was super fast and the people at the visitor center that it was about 30 mph wind! The view was pretty good. We stayed up there for about 10 minutes. There was a small metal tower at the top declaring that it was the top. That was the best part and the view. I felt awesome. The clouds were the second best part.

Going down was easier, but it hurt my feet on a level 10 scale. It was already starting to get dark, but we managed to make it. By the time we were on the car, it was like 8 in the afternoon. We finally got back home around 2 in the morning.

There has been something that I learned from this experience. That is to always never give up no matter what, and just like what an amazing view I got, you can get an award just as amazing as that.


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The Review of My Winter Break

So, I’m back from Winter Break. Let me tell you all about it…


First, me and my family went to Angel Fire to go skiing. It took a while, but we finally got there. 🙂 We got into our condo and it was absolutely terrible. It was so cramped. There was a TV, but it was like a 1900’s TV with a small screen. We had a couple of families at our place, which made it even more cramped. I also heard from my parents that we were staying with another family, like always.

We had dinner and played on electronics for the rest of the time. Normally, I would have watched TV, but there wasn’t a Cartoon Network Channel which was just sad. Finally, it was time to sleep. I took a shower in my mom and dad’s bedroom and it was okay. Then, I learned that we had to sleep in a couch bed because all the rooms were taken up. The thing that bothered my was that the family had a little boy and we had to sleep with him. It was really hard to sleep on the couch bed because it was really, really cramped. He also would start messing with us. The first night, it was so hard to sleep. It took about 30 minutes for me to fall asleep. Then, I would wake up 20 minutes later and try to sleep again for 10 minutes. I would repeat this process for about 5 times and finally fall asleep.

The next day, I would wake up and go ski. I realized that there wasn’t enough snow, so most of the terrains were closed and it was okay. Then at night, we would have parties until 10 pm. It was pretty good for the rest of the time over there.


After that was over, we went to go hike the Guadalupe Mountains, but I will tell you that next time.

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