May 10

7 Grade

Attention upcoming 7th graders, this is for you.

7th grade is hard but not as hard as you would think. I did teen skills it is really fun you get to learn to cook good food and learn about kitchen safety. You get to sew your own pajama pants and wile you are doing that you learn how to use a sewing machine and sewing safety. It is really fun.

Get your homework done on time always. If you do not you will get bad grades. You will always have to read a certain amount of pages or time in English and you should try to finish it early so you do not have to do it later.

Do no worry about 7th grade it is easier that 6th so do not be afraid.

April 29

The Room

He has a brother, says the second bed, he likes UT , says the burnt orange and white cover, he is unorganized, says the unbearable closet, he is tall , says the large shirts in the closet, he is a baseball player, says the old warn out baseball caps.
Inspired by Abandoned Farmhouse BY: Ted Kooser

April 15


Everyone is settled down
With the T.V. on
Home work is done
My sisters are in bed
The light of the T.V. is the only light
The dog is on the ground like always
In P.J’s
Dad half way asleep
Mom reading on her Nook
Me and brother watching T.V.

Inspired By: Preludes by T.S. Eliot

March 10


I play baseball. It is really fun I play pitcher ,which is my favorite position to play. One time I hit a kid in the head because he was standing too close to home plate. I can’t really pitch well when ever that happens. So I had to teach him a lesson to back away from the plate or to just be scared to even try to hit.Right now I am on the Astros which is my favorite team in the MLB. Mainly because I am from Houston, but I do think they are a good team. They made it to the play off’s last season, but they did not make it. I am pretty sure that they lost to the Royals.

I also play catcher which I really like to play. I just like the sound of the ball hitting the mitt and throwing people out at second base. I do not play as much as I want to ,but when I do it is a blast. The first time I played catcher I hated it. My legs hurt, my face was full of sweat and sand. But when I did it again it was so fun. Another reason I do not do it is because my dad thinks that ” I’am tall”. He gets mad when I play it because of that. Man I love baseball.

February 11

Super Bowl

Most of us could say that the Panthers and I am one of those people. I thought that the game was going to be a blowout. Because the Panthers had had e really good season. They only lost one game and all of there ether games had been blowouts. Like one was like 43 to 7 which is crazy.

All thanks to Cam Newton there quarterback. He is really good he can throw the ball and run it like really well. He has so many rushing yards. 636 yards to be exacted. Another good player is Michael Oher. He is a offensive tackle. There was a movie about him its is called the Blind Side it is about him and how he was adopted and started to play football. It is a pretty sad movie and pretty funny to.

I bet a lot of people lost a lot of money in that Super Bowl. They where going for  the Panthers because of there great season I bet and they thought that they would win so they put a lot of money in because they where over confident but now they lost.

February 4


A hornet is a piece of paper that has been folded many ,many times then fold it over. Then you shoot it with a rubber band. People at my school have been shooting them A LOT.

Like once a person was trying to shoot one at a other kid but shot me I was not really mad I was just surprised. It just made me jump.They do not hurt that much ,but if you make it just right it will hurt a lot.If you have a good rubber band that will not break easily ,and that is very stretchy. But then there is those kids that take it way to far. Like one kid had this huge rubber band a big piece of paper that was so thick it was like 20 pieces of paper thick. Then they put a tack on it or a paper clip, and they sound like it would hurt a lot.

I do not really hate hornets I just do not like getting hit and that is why I do not shoot them at other people. I shoot them ,but I just don’t shoot them at people ,unless it is my brother. It is a pretty cool invention ,and they are fun.

January 22

Girl Scout Cookies

Girl Scout cookies are out and people are buying them like crazy ,they are like a lion hearing that gazelles are over there eating grass. I bet there is some one right now asking how much can I get with $1,500? If you went up to some one at my school and ask them what there favorite cookie was about 98% would say Samoas and Thin Mints. But 1% should say that they liked they are gluten free so they get the gluten free ones. The other 1% like the peanut butter ones.

I like the Samoas and the Thin Mints too but if I had to pick one I would pick the Thin Mints because it comes with more in them and they taste good. But if I had to pick which one that tasted the best I would say Samoas.

This year I found out that there was coconut in Samoas. I never new that and when I ask some one “did you now that there was coconut in them” they would say “yes I knew that”. My little sister even knows that there is coconut in them.

January 14


I got my tonsils out when I was in 2nd grade. Me and my brother and sister all got are tonsils out. My sister was first. She told me and my brother that we had nothing to worry about and that it does not hurt at all. She did not look like that she was at any pain at all.

Me and my brother got ours out at the same time. We where not worried one bit, little did we know…. It hurt so bad my throat was in pain. When I woke up I was crying. It seemed like I had a sore throat and that the pain would not stop for any thing. I noticed that when I stopped I was next to my brother that seems to have been there for a wile so he must have gotten done before I was.

When we got home I just wanted to check out my throat and then lay down and watch TV. When I went to go to the mirror to see what my mouth looked like I noticed that my mouth was completely white in the back for sum weird  reason. There was only one good thing that came from this I got to miss some school and I got to have as many popsicles as I wanted. My favorite flavor was grape.

January 5

Winter Break

My holiday break was so fun. I got a electric scooter from “Santa” which I ride on it like every day with my siblings. Me and my brother and my friend we like to do cool stuff on them like doing wheelies and drifting.

We went camping over New Years and on that trip we went to a cave and that was really cool. It was really weird that it was like 40 outside but when we where in the cave it was like 65.

I got to go to my cousins house in San Antonio and stay the night there. While we where there we went to Six Flags which was fun. Then all of are family spent Christmas Eve at are house and roasting marshmallows.