January 14


I got my tonsils out when I was in 2nd grade. Me and my brother and sister all got are tonsils out. My sister was first. She told me and my brother that we had nothing to worry about and that it does not hurt at all. She did not look like that she was at any pain at all.

Me and my brother got ours out at the same time. We where not worried one bit, little did we know…. It hurt so bad my throat was in pain. When I woke up I was crying. It seemed like I had a sore throat and that the pain would not stop for any thing. I noticed that when I stopped I was next to my brother that seems to have been there for a wile so he must have gotten done before I was.

When we got home I just wanted to check out my throat and then lay down and watch TV. When I went to go to the mirror to see what my mouth looked like I noticed that my mouth was completely white in the back for sum weird  reason. There was only one good thing that came from this I got to miss some school and I got to have as many popsicles as I wanted. My favorite flavor was grape.

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