An Open Letter to Bella Swan

Dear Bella Swan,

I believe you are a woman of omniscient knowledge of yourself and your future, but I feel that your head and heart are in the wrong place.

Ok, I will admit, I admire your love for Edward, and yes, I am a little jealous, but choosing a life with him for the rest of eternity when you are in high school seems very impulsive. What about Jacob? His everlasting love and dedication of waiting for you is so special! To be honest, I don’t know if he will ever feel passion for another woman. I adore the excitement of your love triangle, but I think these important decisions should be made carefully and with your loved ones.

Bella, I know teenage years are difficult, the world around you is changing; everyone is growing up, Edward’s age stays still, but life as a high schooler can be so much more than waiting for him or being whisked away by engaging in dangerous stunts with Jacob. I respect your decision to become a vampire—I really do—but come on…live a little!

Lastly, I would like to touch on the development of your growing family! First of all, let me start by saying that your family is gorgeous! But I am perplexed about why you would have a baby as a vampire, increasing the chance of danger to the human race. I also wondered if part of this reason was for your daughter’s new features—the gleaming golden eyes and sparkling skin. If so, I understand your reasoning, but I am afraid it may be more difficult to shield her from human life once she makes this transition.

Bella, I have and always will support your decision to become a vampire, but I hope for you to follow your own path and live happily, even as you begin a new lifestyle.

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Simple and Tasty Breakfast Ideas!

In my opinion, summer time is a season for long mornings and late lunches. But what happens when school comes around and breakfasts are essential to a days work? I have discovered that there are so many options for a healthy and delicious breakfast… but the problem is, the common dishs are not my favorite.

I have a deep love for lunch and dinner, but breakfast isn’t really one of my personal likings. Crispy butter toast, eh, I can do without. Pasta with tomato sauce, now that’s a front runner! How do I fit a dinner meal into a breakfast bowl? Well, to all of the lunch and dinner fanatics out there, here are ways to combine your favored food with a classic breakfast choice.

People say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day… and I believe them. I cannot start my day without food or I will crash before lunch time. Tastemade, an Instagram/Utube/internet savior has created many new ways to eat breakfast in the morning! Trust me on this, these recipes are genius. I mean, who came up with French toast pigs in a blankets! Feeling something savory, try a baked egg in an avocado. What about a mouth watering sweet bread, best known as the new and improved nutella croissant!

Typically, I like to whip up a banana and strawberry smoothie, chill it overnight, and treat it as a slushy. But with these creative recipes, breakfasts can be both quick and varied in flavors! From my mornings to yours, I hope this blog post helps create more options of delightful meals and to help boost the start to your weekdays!

Skiing in Steamboat Springs

A whopping 6,732 feet of altitude and the flight of soaring skis start of the best vacation a girl could ask for! This spring break, I visited Steamboat Springs, a wonderful trip of chilly weather and beautiful mountainsides! From playing cards with loved ones, shredding the slopes and touring the village, this vacation was definitely one of my favorites.

Skiing with family is filled with both fun and competition! Beginning in Ski School allows us to catch up from the break, increasing the chance of higher ranked runs! This trip, my cousin Henry and I participated in lesson Teen Six, a course consititing of blue to black slopes, including moguls and tree trails. It was absolutely AMAZING! I have never experienced something as nerve-racking and exhilarating as sliding through bumpy tree trails and dodging vast patches of ice.

Skiing is an astonishing sport; I adore the wind and cold frost building up on my goggle lense—the crunch of my skis smoothing the snow under my boots, and the fire glowing in the village, bellowing warm smoke from its wood.

Although this may be one of my favorite sports, challenges may occur. During my time in Colorado, I fell trying to shuffle up a ski slope and wiped out—skis and poles coasting down the hill. Sweating through my jacket, I walk down through the trees to level land, glad for the minor incident.

Still, the challenges and efforts make the sport a event worth waiting for and at the end of long day, the best part is the after effect of happy exhaustion. I am so excited for next years adventure!

Steamboat Springs, CO!
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The Perks and Cautions of Baking

Soften the butter, crack the eggs, mix the batter, and watch them grow! Cooking shares all of these actions! My opinion on cooking is varied. I think baking is both fun and relaxing, but at the same time, I always tend to miss a step. In this blog post, I will convey my opinion about how cooking is super fun, but also a project worth looking over a few times before beginning.

Last weekend, I made some chocolate chip cookies consisting of a new ingredient, oats. Ok, if you were there, you would understand; it’s incredibly hard to mix oats into a dough with limited moisture. When I read the label, two sticks of butter needed to be softened and mixed into the batter. So, I put it in the microwave for about 30 seconds until light pressure is applied and would create a little crater in the butter. It seemed like the right amount of time to soften, but when I added it to the chocolate chip mixture, the butter clumped! They turned out to be delicious, but I could have ruined the batter if I melted it too much or too little!

This may be an easy baked good to make, but even when you make meringues or a delicate batter, the consistency is key. In conclusion, cooking is both a delicious and intricate hobby, but a pastime that consists of a lot of concentration!

Flourless Chocolate Cake!
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Winter softens and the birds call their loves. The sun shines above and the grass pops up, gleaming brightly with dew. A white glaze covers my window, a sheen so clear that warm air lightly touches the edges. Raindrops leisure down to where the frame work meets the ground. I look out to the trees, tiny buds on the branches, like little children growing into toddlers, maturing with flying colors. It went by in a blink, the cold— the frost, that I jump out of bed to truly open my eyes to watch green nature sway like the outside is alive.

I put on my coat, for my skin creates tiny mountains in the chill of the breeze. My hair rubs on my face as it passes with ease. I slip on my running shoes and jog to a beat. I jog quicker until I break out a sweat but the wind wipes it away as if saying, “summers not here yet!”

Farther down the neighborhood I slow my pace, watching the flowers dance in water streams running along the corners of the road as if following me home from their journey from the tree. I stop in the driveway, five steps from the door, and look out at the backdrop before I enter my place of comfort once more.


Phantom of the Opera!

In February of 2015, my mom, grandpa, grandma and I began to drive in the frosty New York weather to travel to a Broadway theatre. I was bursting with excitement—itching to watch the Phantom of The Opera! Being in NYC is crazy, the ads, people, music—at that age I was intrigued by pretty much anything! Along the way, there were a few… complications. As you may believe, traffic was awful!

Five minutes before the play started, we scuttled to tip the taxi, exit the cab and sprint to the theatre. As we ran, I remember watching the dancing lights against the night sky, breathing warm air in the chilly weather, and listening to the honks and motors of taxis and transportation to the extravagant show. I must have looked starstruck because, man, it was wonderful!

Soon after we arrived, we sat in the red velvet seats, watched as the curtains ruffled on the sides of the stage and the dresses and costumes of bright colors flutter across the stage. I was amazed! The entrance of The Phantom gave me chills and the voice of Christine was mind bogglingly beautiful! The cast, the audience, the scenery and the music was so lovely and dreamy… it was a night I will never forget!

My First Dive in Cayman Islands

Summer 2017– a beautiful, sunny day— the breeze whipping my hair into tangled curls, and the water lapping onto the smooth surface of the boats.

It was my first time to scuba dive into open water! I was bursting with excitement! The first dive… didn’t really go as planned. We dove on the north side, which was equally magnificent as the east side of the island—except the turning of the waves. It was crazy over there! I wasn’t expecting for the boat to rock that much, but still, I enjoyed the thrill of breathing under the sea.

On the second dive, my family’s dive crew decided it was probably best to refrain from the north side of the island until further notice. Good call, because the next dive struck me with true amazement! I submerged into the water, I listened to my breathing, sending delicate bubbles to the surface and felt myself drift to the bottom. When the top of my fins lightly touched the soft sea bottom, it bellowed up in a cloud of sand, sending the fish aloof in their world.

As our group becomes settled, we began to float among the corals and between the rocky caverns— flying beside a whirlwind of fish, mirroring the movement of their companions. My favorite moment was when I noticed a majestic sea turtle taking a stroll beside us. Being so close to such a sweet creature is exhilarating!

After this wonderful trip, I am thankful to have learned ways to explore the ocean, share memories, and love the brilliant hobby of diving!



I lay on the grass
With my eyes to the sky,
And as I watch the stars sparkle
Peacefully, I begin to fly.
I soar above the chimneys
Spilling savory aromas from their flues,
And frolic by a window to listen
To a man playing the blues.
The sun began seeping through my windows
And I flurried from my bed,
But tomorrow night I will be back,
Right back to dream and rest my head.


Authors Note:

Have you ever felt so content when lost in a dream that when you wake up, you feel rested and ready to jump right back into it? I pondered this question in class. This feeling is so rare and wonderful! My poem is named “Dream”. It is about a boy resting in the grass, beginning to slip into a relaxing fairy tale.

I wanted to create a poem that not only describes a happy, soothing moment, but to hint that at the end of the day, no matter what kind of day you had, you can always feel this calm feeling in your dreams. Sometimes I don’t have dreams, but when I do imagine of something peaceful, I always wake up fresh and ready to start the day.

I like to relate this poem to Peter Pan. The boy in my poem has a excellent imagination, dancing among chimneys and wandering through the clouds, just like Peter showing Wendy the way to Neverland. I seemed to have that mindset the whole way through. I chose this piece because the rhyming and word choice came naturally to me and I seem to have a personal connection with this topic.

Everything, Everything: By Nicola Yoon

I have always loved movies and books that have a captivating, on-the-edge-of-my-seat storyline from beginning to end. Everything, Everything is one of those books.

A girl, Maddy, sick since she was young, has been cooped up in her house for 18 years to keep safe under her mothers watch. Maddy, now an observant teenager, has never left the glass doors shielding her from the world beyond. She has always adored the backdrop of the ocean and nature itself, but she has never thought to leave her home…until now.

On her 18th birthday, she continues her traditions as the years grow, playing Scrabble, watching movies and enjoying a sugary vanilla cake topped with intricate daisies.

Soon after she turns 18, a boy moves in next door. She has rarely experienced company, or visitors, and one night the boy (Ollie) delivers a bundt cake. Ok, sure, that may seem like a minor detail, but really that is what got this book started. This small gesture wills her mind to think. What does a bundt cake taste like? Why does Ollie wear only one color of clothes?

After that day, her life changed for the better. She learned how to be confident of her decisions, and experience a new feeling for the boy next door.

Ollie and Maddy form a relationship. Will Maddy’s sickness keep her from following her heart? You will just have to wait and read the book!