My First Dive in Cayman Islands

Summer 2017– a beautiful, sunny day— the breeze whipping my hair into tangled curls, and the water lapping onto the smooth surface of the boats.

It was my first time to scuba dive into open water! I was bursting with excitement! The first dive… didn’t really go as planned. We dove on the north side, which was equally magnificent as the east side of the island—except the turning of the waves. It was crazy over there! I wasn’t expecting for the boat to rock that much, but still, I enjoyed the thrill of breathing under the sea.

On the second dive, my family’s dive crew decided it was probably best to refrain from the north side of the island until further notice. Good call, because the next dive struck me with true amazement! I submerged into the water, I listened to my breathing, sending delicate bubbles to the surface and felt myself drift to the bottom. When the top of my fins lightly touched the soft sea bottom, it bellowed up in a cloud of sand, sending the fish aloof in their world.

As our group becomes settled, we began to float among the corals and between the rocky caverns— flying beside a whirlwind of fish, mirroring the movement of their companions. My favorite moment was when I noticed a majestic sea turtle taking a stroll beside us. Being so close to such a sweet creature is exhilarating!

After this wonderful trip, I am thankful to have learned ways to explore the ocean, share memories, and love the brilliant hobby of diving!


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