New Year, New Experience!

It already feels as though time is flying by! We are now starting the fifth week of school! When starting this new year, I was faced with a blank slate. I had heard many different opinions from friends in eighth grade and their year sounded positive. So far it is going pretty well, but different than I would have guessed.

Sixth grade was a fresh start and a new lifestyle. I had a wonderful time visiting the Westlake football games, having the freedom to go to classes on my own and meeting new people. I haven’t had too many weeks to share my theories on this year, but I can tell you a brief introduction to seventh grade.

In these past couple of weeks, I have noticed how quicker I have been needing to go to classes versus last year. First period I have Athletics. I don’t know if I should risk the five minutes I have after getting off the bus to put my stuff in my locker. Or, quickly run downstairs after Athletics to stuff my things in my locker before my next upstairs class.

Second observation: If your Smart Tag will not snap back onto the lanyard (mine for example), then it is a pain to carry everywhere. It is used for a lot of things and it always seems to turn up in a random spot (I always seem to forget the important things). I have needed to put it in a binder to remember for lunch.

There are a couple more, but other than that, everything else is great! I know where everything is so it isn’t a problem when finding where I need to be. Friends, food and teachers are familiar so I know who to find. Also, knowing the difficulty level and note strategies in classes helps me learn better. I am both excited and eager to experience more of seventh grade!