Simple and Tasty Breakfast Ideas!

In my opinion, summer time is a season for long mornings and late lunches. But what happens when school comes around and breakfasts are essential to a days work? I have discovered that there are so many options for a healthy and delicious breakfast… but the problem is, the common dishs are not my favorite.

I have a deep love for lunch and dinner, but breakfast isn’t really one of my personal likings. Crispy butter toast, eh, I can do without. Pasta with tomato sauce, now that’s a front runner! How do I fit a dinner meal into a breakfast bowl? Well, to all of the lunch and dinner fanatics out there, here are ways to combine your favored food with a classic breakfast choice.

People say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day… and I believe them. I cannot start my day without food or I will crash before lunch time. Tastemade, an Instagram/Utube/internet savior has created many new ways to eat breakfast in the morning! Trust me on this, these recipes are genius. I mean, who came up with French toast pigs in a blankets! Feeling something savory, try a baked egg in an avocado. What about a mouth watering sweet bread, best known as the new and improved nutella croissant!

Typically, I like to whip up a banana and strawberry smoothie, chill it overnight, and treat it as a slushy. But with these creative recipes, breakfasts can be both quick and varied in flavors! From my mornings to yours, I hope this blog post helps create more options of delightful meals and to help boost the start to your weekdays!