Phantom of the Opera!

In February of 2015, my mom, grandpa, grandma and I began to drive in the frosty New York weather to travel to a Broadway theatre. I was bursting with excitement—itching to watch the Phantom of The Opera! Being in NYC is crazy, the ads, people, music—at that age I was intrigued by pretty much anything! Along the way, there were a few… complications. As you may believe, traffic was awful!

Five minutes before the play started, we scuttled to tip the taxi, exit the cab and sprint to the theatre. As we ran, I remember watching the dancing lights against the night sky, breathing warm air in the chilly weather, and listening to the honks and motors of taxis and transportation to the extravagant show. I must have looked starstruck because, man, it was wonderful!

Soon after we arrived, we sat in the red velvet seats, watched as the curtains ruffled on the sides of the stage and the dresses and costumes of bright colors flutter across the stage. I was amazed! The entrance of The Phantom gave me chills and the voice of Christine was mind bogglingly beautiful! The cast, the audience, the scenery and the music was so lovely and dreamy… it was a night I will never forget!