Ed Sheeran Concert

A day before school started, my dad and I went to an Ed Sheeran concert at the ACL Theater! I have only been downtown a couple of times so just the thrill of being in a busy and electric area was so special.

When my dad told me the news about this concert, I was so excited! He told me about the venue and setup of the stage. Still, I had no idea what to expect.

ACL Theater is very different from the outside stages. When we arrived downtown, we ate dinner at Cru’s. My dad and I shared a multi course meal with many different options, such as meat, sea, and chinese food.

After we ate, we walked straight to the concert. The inside is so classy and so lively I didn’t know where to start. When making our way to the concert seats, I observed the different colored lights and fog shielding the stage.

Then, he walkes on with nothing but a guitar! The thing is, he uses a electronic that loops a sound to make music! When he begins to play, he plays a couple measures of an instrument and steps on a electronic floor pedal to loop the sound! It was so neat and new, and was one of my favorite concerts!